Short Bio:
Urtzi Ayesta is a
CNRS Director of Research working at IRIT (with a secondary appointment at LAAS). He also holds an adjunct lecturer position (part-time appointment funded as an Ikerbasque Professor) in the Computer Science Faculty at the University of the Basque Country.

Research Interests: Stochastic processes, optimization, control theory and their applications to communication systems and networking.

Contact Information:
2 rue C. Camichel, 
BP 7122
31071 Toulouse Cedex 7 (France)

- University of the Basque Country
Informatika Fakultatea
Manuel Lardizabal, 1
20018 Donostia (Spain)

Email: first-name.last-name{at}irit.fr
+33 534 32 22 58 (IRIT); +33 561 336 472  (LAAS), 
            +34 943 01 8491 (EHU)

Fall 2017: Communications in Smart Grids,
Master control in smart grids and distributed generation
University of the Basque Country.


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Elene Anton, Santiago Duran,
Tejas BODAS, Manu Gupta,



Events: In 2018 we organize IFIP Performance 2018 in Toulouse, for details see: https://performance2018.sciencesconf.org/

Editorship and TPC's: Journal of Performance Evaluation, ACM POMACS, ACM Sigmetrics 2018,   IEEE ICNP 2018,

Funding: My current research is supported by projects with the Airbus Research Foundation, European Commission and French National Research Funding Agency (ANR)

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