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  Position: PhD - Associate Professor
  Service / Team:  Generalised Information Systems/Data warehouses(SIG/ED)
  Contact: Ronan.Tournier at
  Office/Room: IRIT1 / Level 4, Office: 411
  Phone: (+33)
  Fax: (+33)
  Address: University Paul Sabatier,
118 route de Narbonne,
F-31062 Toulouse cedex 09




Research Activities


I am member of the IRIT institute since 2004. I am now a permanent research and teaching assistant since Septembre 2010. I am currently membre of the SIG/ED research team (Generalised Information Systems / Data Warehouse). My current research is mainly on data warehousing.

My research activities are related to Data warehouses and multidimensional databases (also called data marts). This work may be summarised as follows:

  • The addition of non conventional data within data warehouses. For example, adding textual data from XML documents (called document-oriented XML documents and opposite to data-oriented XML documents that are similar to transaction records from Web services).
  • Multidimensional modelling that fully handles non conventional data extracted from XML documents (i.e. textual data extracted from document-oriented XML documents)
  • Manipulation languages for multidimensional data. These algebraic and graphic languages allow specifying multidimensional analytical queries.
  • On-Line Analytical Processing of textual data using adapted aggregation functions.
  • Adapted design process to assemble decision support systems that rest on XML documents (i.e. document-oriented XML documents).

Our results have been integrated within prototypes that designs and manipulates a multidimensional database built ontop of a data warehouse (GraphicOlapSQL for standard data and GraphicOlapXML for documents).


Graphic-OLAP : a prototype of a graphic tool for decision support.


Here are descriptions of the different prototypes (sorry only in french for the moment):

In order to improve results, I happen to be working with other colleagues from the research team SIg. Their research topics include (but are not limited to the following) : information retrieval, data mining and document specialists.


I have been publishing scientific articles since 2007.

In the same topic, here is an online bibliography on data warehousing (this page is currently maintained by Daniel lemire).


Former member of conference organisation commities:







Currently on a permanent teaching and research position since 2010, I have been teaching in the university Toulouse 1 Capitole since September 2007 (as a temporary teaching assistant professor).

My current courses are(in french):

  • L3 MIAGe (continuing education): Design methods for information systems (MERISE).
  • L3 Maths & Economics: Advanced programming.
  • M1 Economical Science: Databases and Decision support systems.
  • M1 Law: Computer science for law.


Formally I have also been teaching in the c2i certificate (basics about computers and Internet and office tools. I was also teaching decision support with spreadsheets as well as Databases.





From 2009 to 2010, I was member of a commission for temporary employees of the uiversity Toulouse 1.