Published and unpublished work by Ralph Matthes


The title of my doctoral dissertation is "Extensions of System F by Iteration and Primitive Recursion on Monotone Inductive Types". Available as PDF file (just the introduction and summary), Postscript file, and DVI file and Postscript file with 2 pages per sheet. (197 pages, June 1999, minor revision of the submission of May 1998. There are also Errata.) Entry in the catalogue of the German National Library. Review in ZBL. My advisor has been Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg.

Preprints of Published Work

See also my ORCID (the publication list there is in particular lacking workshops, except for those that have proceedings in LNCS).

For proper citations, BibTeX entries and abstracts of papers that appeared since 2006 and until 2019, consult the IRIT database. The more recent papers are all found when searching for my family name at HAL interface of IRIT.

Unpublished and Submitted Work

Ask DBLP (does not show Logic Colloquium 2003).

For my publications considered to fall also within mathematics, ask MathSciNet (needs a subscription). The citation counts shown there are those from other papers considered to fall within mathematics.

My coauthors (for published papers):

Ralph Matthes
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