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  Guyot Patrice

  Status : Doctorant
  Service/Team :  Structuration, Analyse et MOdélisation de documents Vidéo et Audio
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  Localization : IRIT1 / Level 2, Office: 223
  Phone : +33 (0)5 61 55 7432
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 Research Topics

My work mainly focuses on automatic analysis and semantic description of audio signal. This field of research finds applications Computational Auditory Scene Analysis, Ecology, Music Information Retrieval, and Ethnomusicology.

My experience include:

  • the impact of music on sport,
  • soundspace ecology
  • gesture characterization,
  • sound event detection in urban soundscape, visualization of a corpus of field recordings,
  • water sound detection and perception,
  • sound categorization,
  • traditional songs from Salento (Italy) and Moquegua (Peru).


 Research Experience

  • Assistant researcher on Music Information Retrieval within the Sport-Plaisir project, University of Lille 3 (2016).
  • Research fellow on soundscape ecology, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK (2016).
  • Postdoctoral researcher on gesture analysis within the CIGALE projet, CNRS/Paris 8 (2015).
  • Assistant researcher on environmental sound recognition, CIESS project, SAMOVA team, IRIT (2014).
  • Phd thesis on liquid sounds characterization and recognition.
  • Internship on ethnomusicology, Laboratoire Informatique Acoustique et Musique of Montreal (2009).
  • Master 2 ATIAM, IRCAM, Paris (2008-2009).



  • Sport Plaisir
  • Motor Behavior and Emotion.
    Date: 2014-2016.
    Partners: University of Lille, DÉCATHLON Sports LAB, et al.

  • Non-verbal gestures and symbolic interactions.
    Partners: Labex arts h2h, Structures Formelles du Language, INREV, et al.

  • Description, Indexation, Access to Sound and Ethnomusicological Documents.
    Date: 2013-2015.
    Partners: LABRI, LIMSI, LAM, LESC, MNHM, Parisson.

  • CIESS: ANR 2012 (CORPUS Program).
  • Constitution, Indexing and Enrichment of an environmental Sound Corpus.
    Date: 2012-2015.
    Partners: Octogone, AudioGaming.

  • IMMED: ANR 2009 (White Program - Information and Communication Science and Technologies).
  • Indexing Multimedia Data from Wearable Sensors for diagnostics and treatment of Dementia.
    Date: 2009-2012.
    Partners: LABRI, ISPED and IMS.

  • QUAERO: WP6 Audio and Music
  • Program promoting research and industrial innovation on technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents.
    Date: 2008-2013.
    Partners: 25 French and German public and private research organizations.





My Ph.D thesis focuses on environmental sound and computational auditory scene analysis. It relies on the IMMED project, which aims at indexing Activities of Daily Living of patients at home.

I was particularly interested in water sounds, and I proposed original methods to recognize activities using water in noisy records. In that framework, I relied on acoustic modeling and sound synthesis.

My third year of thesis is composed of an internship in the Perception and Sound Design team of IRCAM where I build an experiment on liquid sound perception.

I defended my thesis on march 2014 at IRIT.






  • Probability (L2, UT3)
  • IT tools for Multimedia (M1, UT3)
  • Music Acoustics (L2, UT2)
  • Algorithmic and Programming (ADA).
  • Computer literacy.
  • Popular science in Toulouse Museum.