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  Zarate Pascale

  Status : Permanent
  Service / Team :  Cooperative Multi Agents Systems
  Contact :
  Localization : IRIT2 / Level 3, Office: 375
  Phone : +33 (0)5 61 55 67 63
  Publications : Publications



 Research Topics

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Cooperative Systems
  • Cooperative Decision Support System


 Current Research Activities

  • Cooperative Group Decision Support Systems
  • Design of Cooperative Knowledge Based Systems
  • Cooperative Decision Support for Critical Situations
  • Recommender Systems
  • Group Decision Making Process
  • Cooperative Asynchronous Distributed Decision Support Systems


 Research Experience

  • Since September 2010
    Professor at Toulouse 1 Capitole University (UT1C).
    Researcher at IRIT, SMAC team
  • December 2005
    Habilitation to Conduct Researches at INPT. " From Decision Support Systems to Cooperative Decision Support Systems : Conceptual and Functional Aspects "
  • Since 2000
    Assistant Professor at INPT, at ENSIACET Engineer School, Industrial Engineering Department
    Researcher at IRIT, IC3 team
  • 1992-2000
    Assistant Professor at Sceaux IUT (University Paris XI)
    Researcher at Laforia (University Paris 6)
  • October 1991
    PhD at University Paris Dauphine. " Design of Decision Support Systems : Planning of Due Days at Air France Company "
  • 1988-1992
    PhD Student and Assistant at University Paris IX
    Researcher at LAMSADE



  • Jean Baptiste Rakotoarivela
    " Multicriteria Decision Making Methods Comparison: A Case Sutdy for Risks Management for Bank Domain " UPS PhD, ED MITT, since May 2015.
  • Carlos Sureda Gutierrez
    " Population Generation for Social Simulation " UPS PhD, ED MITT, supervison with Frederic Amblard, collaboration with the ANR Project GENSTAR, since October 2014.
  • Philippe Marrast
    " Decision Support for Medical Caring in a Cancer Center " UPS PhD, ED MITT, supervison with Anne Mayere (Prof UPS-CERTOP), since October 2010.
  • Karolina Swiderek
    " Communication and Organising Process: A Case Study for Security Events Management for Air Traffic Control " UPS PhD, ED AA, collaboration with CERTOP, supervision with Anne Mayere (Prof UPS), defended September 30th 2014.
  • Arnaud Oglaza
    " An informed decision-making support system for contextual protection of users private data " UT1C PhD, ED MITT, supervision with Romain Laborde Team SIERA IRIT, collaboration with the ANR Project INCOME defended September 12th 2014.
  • Daouda Kamissoko
    EURO Working group on DSS Award 2013
    EUROPEAN Label - Proposed to the INPT prize Prix Leopold Escande
    " Decision Support Systems for Natural Disasters. Vulnerability Networks Study " INPT PhD, ED SYS, collaboration with LGP - ENIT, supervision with Francois Peres (Prof ENIT-LGP), defended 25/11/2013.
  • Arnaud Martin
    " " UPS PhD, ED MITT, supervision with Guy Camilleri (MCF UPS), defended October 4th 2012.
  • Philippe Viguie
    " A methodology for implementing Cooperative Systems in organisations : the Nibbling Method " UPS PhD (IRIT), ED MITT, supervision with Jean Luc Soubie (IR INRIA), defended November 3rd 2011.
  • Noria Taghezout
    " A Mutli-agent Decision Support System for Production Management " UPS PhD, ED MITT, defended July 8th 2011.
  • Abdelkader Adla
    " Group Decision Support Systems : A framework proposal " UPS PhD, ED MITT, supervision with Jean Luc Soubie (IR INRIA), defended June 8th 2010.
  • Florian Fabre
    " A Support System for modeling dynamical hybrid systems " INPT PhD, EDSYS, collaboration with LGC, supervision with Gilles Hetreux (MCF INPT-ENSIACET), defended October 20th 2009.
  • Leoncio Jimenez Candia
    " Imperfect Knowledge Management : A case study in a Latin America Manufacturing Industry " INPT PhD (LGC), supervision with Germain Lacoste (Prof INPT), defended in February 2005.




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