Opinion mining on social medias

I started in January 2016 a thesis in collaboration with CEA addressing opinion mining on social medias, supervised by Mohand Boughanem, Romaric Besançon, Guillaume Cabanac and Yoann Pitarch.

Web and social medias are an incredible platform for the exchange of information, adopted by a large number of users.

The subject of this thesis concerns the domain of opinion mining on those platforms, to automatically detect opinion trends on given subjects. More than the simple attribution of a polarity on a piece of text, a finer analysis is often required to have better caracterization of opinion (finding which object or which precise feature of the object is covered by the opinion).

Another characteristic of social medias is the structured organization of users' relationship among communities (« friends » on Facebook, « followers » and « re-tweets » on Twitter, comments on different platforms). This structuration may be used to find information about users' social importance, like their popularity or reputation.

This thesis aims to combine these elements to produce a consolidated synthesis of sentiment trends about subjects or people according to their spatial and temporal context.



Creation of infographics to highlight Inforsid community, shown during the congress 31st edition.

All visuals are visible on the anthology of Inforsid congresses.



  • Hippocampe course - IRIT, Toulouse
    • September 22-23 - Discovery of opinion mining on Twitter for highschool students
  • L3 Pro GTID - IUT Informatique, Toulouse


  • L2 Informatique - Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
    • S5 - TP Relational Databases: DBMS, conception, entity-association model, relational model, SQL, DLL, DML, DIL
  • Médiad'Oc - Université fédérale de Toulouse


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