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  Position: PhD - Associate Professor (HDR)
  Service / Team:  Systèmes d'Information Généralisés (SIG) (D2S2u)
  Office: IRIT1 / Niveau 4, Pièce: 425
  Phone: (+33)
  Fax: (+33)
  Address: Université Paul Sabatier,
118 route de Narbonne,
F-31062 Toulouse cedex 09




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Special Issue IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems (IJCSIS):
'Users and Information Systems', an Interdisciplinarity journal issue is online! Vol.6 N°2 ISSN 1646-3692




Research Activities


My research activities are related to Adaptive Information Access & Retrieval.
Three main axis could be highlighted:
  • Studies on user activities related to information: i.e. annotations, social information-based activities, Web 2.0...,
  • User, task and context modelling for information access and retrieval,
  • Interfaces for information retrieval systems.

We investigate a new domain in which our work can be applied and developped: ambiant systems via the IRIT strategic research axis "SSTA" ( Socio-Technical Ambiant Systems).
Our results have been integrated in information access and retrieval systems (search engines, recommender systems...) that correspond to fully functionnal prototypes (Easy-DOR, SiSSI, Taffanote?).

In order to improve our results, we are working with experts from peripheral topics like cognitive science for user modelling.


 Complete list of my Publications


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Elected member, since 2009, of the "Collège Scientifique (section CNU 27)" of Université Paul Sabatier

Co-organizer of the multi-disciplinary "tutorials" JPeCUSI 2009 ("Taking into account the user in Information Systems") - Toulouse January 9th 2009.

Co-organizer of the workshop called PeCUSI 2009 ("Taking into account the user in Information Systems"): Toulouse May 2009.

Co-editor of "Collaborative and Social Information Retrieval and Access: Techniques for Improved User Modeling". ISBN: 978-1-60566-306-7; 390pp; December, 2008

Member of international and national Program committees (DEXA 2010, IADIS Information Systems 2010, DEXA 2009, IADIS Applied Computing 2009, IADIS Information Systems 2009, CORIA 2009, IADIS Applied Computing 2008, RIAO 2007?)

Organizing Committee Member of several conferences (RIAO 2010, Inforsid 2009, ECIR 2009?)



Read some prototype description (Sorry in French!):






Associate professor since 2003 at the Université de Toulouse, Toulouse III ; more precisely at IUT Informatique Rangueil (Computer science department).

The main topics of my courses are "Algorithm & Programming".

I am responsible for:
  • projects for students (since september 2009)
  • "Software architecture" courses for L3 professional Licence
  • Java programming courses for L3 prof. and PST3
  • Internet programming course for L1 (S2)

I am the coordinator of Information System courses for IUP Management de l'Entreprise Réseau (MER) from L3 to M2.

I am also teaching:
  • Knowledge support and System interoperability (M2 IUP MER)
  • Java Programming and Database systems (IUP ISI L3 & M1)
  • XML and today Enterprise (IUP IGSI M2)
  • Web Information Retrieval (M2R-MITT/RIBD - RIBD6)
  • ...

I am also co-author of a publication in Techniques de l?Ingénieur" related to System interoperability and XML (H6008)

I am a member of the "Conseil de perfectionnement" for the IUT A Computer science department and for IUP MER





I was the communication assistant of the ARIA association between 2004 and 2007. I was financial manager of ARIA between 2007 and 2011. I am now co-director of ARIA.

I am one of the system administrator of SIG computers since 2004 (more than 20 PC with domain and application server).