Information Dynamics in Artificial Societies Workshop

August 18-22, 2014


Have a look at the overall schedule and our three invited talks.

The workshop is nows associated to the SLANG@ESSLLI-14 workshop (Socio-Linguistics And Network Games).

The workshop will occur during ESSLLI's second week (Aug 18-22 2014). All other events are presented at the ESSLLI Week 2 program page.


Describing intelligent agents with the help of cognitive and social notions is now well established in the domain of artificial intelligence. In the recent years, concepts such as trust, reputation, delegation, commitment and convention have been proposed in order to describe how artificial agents interact in an artificial society or in a virtual organization.

This workshop aimed at discussing formal theories and logics of information dynamics—including formal theories and logics of belief and preference change, learning theory, social choice theory and judgement aggregation—in order to better understand:

  1. how information circulates in an artificial society by direct interaction, communication, signaling, etc.;
  2. how it influences the individual cognitive attitudes (e.g., beliefs, preferences, trust) and the collective attitudes (e.g., mutual expectations and beliefs).


This workshop is supported by SINTELNET, the European network for social intelligence.