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IRIT - Université Paul Sabatier
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31062 Toulouse Cédex - France
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Jean-Pierre Georgé
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Research context

Research description

Detailed information can be found on my teams website.

Some projects I work/worked on

ID4CS : Integrative Design for Complex Systems

(see project website)

A sample publications describing the project : OptMAS2013

A short visual presentation : WCSMO2013

The ScanMaris, SisMaris and I2C projects on Surveillance and Control of Maritime Vessel Activities

(see project websites : ScanMaris, Sismaris and I2C)

MASE : Modélisation par Automates de Systèmes Multi-agents à Emergence

(see project website)

PhD work


Problem Solving by Emergence – Study of an Emergent Programming Environment

PhD document (Pdf, in french)


PhD defence presentation (ppt, in french)


EPE software and source code


Warning : My PhD took place in a public university, so EPE is free (as is its source code) for non-commercial use. But since this is a pure research tool (and because of lack of time), it is very scarcely documented. Moreover, its use is rather unintuitive and its source code quite complex (more than 20.000 lines of codes in something like 220 Java classes).