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  Jan-Georg Smaus


In July 2010 I received the 2010 Faculty Teaching Award for my lecture "Computer Supported Modeling and Reasoning". The award is endowed with prize money of 2000 euros.

Current Teaching

In the first semester of 2011/12 I held lectures (cours/TD) on

Previous Teaching

In SS11 I held the lecture Computer Science Theory I at the University of Freiburg.

In WS10/11 I held the lecture Computer Science I. I also held the lecture Computer Supported Modeling and Reasoning, as in previous years WS03/04, WS04/05, WS05/06, WS06/07, WS07/08, WS08/09, and WS09/10. In WS01/02 and in WS02/03, I was in charge of the exercises of this lecture.

In SS09 I organised a seminar on Self-reference.