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  Ferrané Isabelle

  Status : Assistant Professor
  Team :  Structuring, Analysis and MOdeling of Video and Audio documents
  Contact : Isabelle.Ferrane at
  Localization : IRIT1 / Level 2, Office: 221
  Phone : +33 (0)5 61 55 6055
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Teaching Activities

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Reasearch Activities

 Research Topics

Topics Projects
Audiovisual content Analysis and Structuring Projet ANR MDCA EPAC
Multimodal Human-Robot interaction (speech and gesture) Projet ANR Contint RIDDLE
Speech Comprehensibility : study and measure Projet Region AGILE-IT

 Current Research

  • Exploitiong and combining low and mid-level features extracted from the audio component in order to detect higher level events.
    • Speaker role detection in audiovisual contents
    • Extracting and characterizing interaction sequences between speakers (interviews, debates, ...)
    • Conversational Speech detection
    • Patterns and temporal structure discovery of audiovisual content
    • Micro and Macro content structuring: from document sequences to document collections
  • Perception of Human-user for multimodal Human-Robot Interaction
    • Recognizing, interpretating and merging gesture and speech modalities
    • Interacting in an assited living context: focus on daily objects managment
    • Perceiving Human-user in his daily life environment
    • Word carried out with the RAP team from LAAS-CNRS.

 PhD Supervisions

Student Name Subject Supervised with
Christophe Mollaret Multimodal Perception of human-users in a Human-Robot Interaction purpose (on going PhD - RIDDLE project) Frédéric Lerasle
Benjamin Bigot Detection of Speaker role and interaction sequences for audiovisual content structuring (defended in July 2011 - EPAC project) Julien Pinquier
Régine André-Obrecht
Brice Burger Audio and Video data fusion for Human-Robot Interaction (defended in January 2010) Frédéric Lerasle
Zein Al Abidin Ibrahim Characterization of Audio-visual content structures based on Statistical Analysis of Temporal Relationships (defended in July 2007 ) Philippe Joly
Régine André-Obrecht

 Projects - Partneships - Collaborations

Project Objectives Partnerships

ANR ContInt 2012
Robots for perceptual Interactions Dedicated to Daily Life Environment LAAS-CNRS RAP group - Aldebaran Robotics - Magellium - Gérontopôle CHU-Tlse
Mesure de la compréhension de la parole

Projet Région AGILE-IT 2013
Studing and searching for a measure representing the speech comprehensibility in situation inducing perceptual difficulties Archean - UTM équipe Octogone

Projet Oseo 2008-2013
Collaborative Research and Development Program focusing research and development program with the goal of developing multimedia and multilingual indexing and management tools for professional and general public applications Evaluation Task 10.2 : Multimodal Content Recognition in relation with the MediaEval Evaluation Campaign 2011 and 2012 "Tagging Task"

ANR MDCA 2007-2010  
Exploiting masses of audio content for conversational speech extraction and processing LIUM équipe Parole (Le Mans) - LI (Blois) - LIA (Avignon)

 Autres activités

 Research Experiences

  • Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Toulouse University since 1993
  • Doctor in Computer Science - Paul Sabatier University - septembre 1991
  • Morphosyntactic and lexical knowledge databases - IRIT




Teaching activities (summed up)

 Pedagogical Responsabilities

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Level Program
Bachelor Degree introduction to Computer Science and Programming
French and International(French-Czech) Master Degree
Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Human-Machine Communication - Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding - Language Modeling - Spoken Dialog Systems
Project Managment and Integration with French Companies PGE (in French) : Projects 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007