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Nahla Ben Amor, Zeineb El Khalfi, Hélène Fargier, Régis Sabbadin:
Lexicographic Refinements in Possibilistic Decision Trees.
ECAI 2016: 202-208


Christian Bessiere, Hélène Fargier, Christophe Lecoutre:
Computing and restoring global inverse consistency in interactive constraint satisfaction.
Artificial Intelligence 241: 153-169



Nahla Ben Amor, Fatma Essghaier, Hélène Fargier:
Egalitarian Collective Decision Making under Qualitative Possibilistic Uncertainty: Principles and Characterization.
AAAI 2015:


Helene Fargier, Frederic Maris, Vicent Roger
Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Difference Decision Diagrams: a compilation map
ICTAI 15 : 429-436




 Helene Fargier, Pierre Marquis:
Disjunctive closures for knowledge compilation.
Artificial Intelligence 216: 129-162 (2014)


Jerome Amilhastre, Helene Fargier, Alexandre Niveau, Cedric Pralet:
Compiling CSPs: A Complexity Map of (Non-Deterministic) Multivalued Decision Diagrams.
 International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools 23(4) (2014)


Nahla Ben Amor, Helene Fargier, Wided Guezguez:
Possibilistic sequential decision making.
International Journal on Approximate Reasoning 55(5): 1269-1300 (2014)


Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Meissa Ababou, Dominique Guyonnet:
A fuzzy constraint-based approach to data reconciliation in material flow analysis.
International Journal on General Systems 43(8): 787-809 (2014)

Helene Fargier, Pierre Marquis, Alexandre Niveau, Nicolas Schmidt:
A Knowledge Compilation Map for Ordered Real-Valued Decision Diagrams.
AAAI 2014: 1049-1055


Nahla Ben Amor, Fatma Essghaier, Helene Fargier:
Solving Multi-criteria Decision Problems under Possibilistic Uncertainty Using Optimistic and Pessimistic Utilities.

IPMU (3) 2014: 269-279



Damien Bigot, Helene Fargier, Jerome Mengin, Bruno Zanuttini.

Probabitistic Conditional Preference Networks. 

UAI 2013 :72-81


Helene Fargier, Pierre Marquis, Nicolas Schmidt 

Semiring Labelled Decision Diagrams, Revisited: Canonicity and Spatial Efficiency Issues.

IJCAI 2013: 884-890.


Helene Fargier, Pierre Marquis, Alexandre Niveau

Towards a Knowledge Compilation Map for Heterogeneous Representation Language.

IJCAI 2013: 877-883


Caroline Becker, Helene Fargier: .

Maintaining Alternative Values in Constraint-Based Configuration

IJCAI 2013: 454-460


Christian Bessiere, Helene Fargier, Christophe Lecoutre

Global Inverse Consistency for Interactive Constraint Satisfaction

CP 2013: 159-174


Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Dominique Guyonnet:

Data Reconciliation under Fuzzy Constraints in Material Flow Analysis.




A. Niveau, H.  Fargier, C. Pralet.

Compiling CSPs: A Complexity Map of (Non-Deterministic) Multivalued Decision Diagrams

ICTAI 2012:1-8


A. Niveau, H.  Fargier, C. Pralet.

Set-Labeled Diagrams for CSP Compilation.

Stairs 2012:216-227


C. Becker, H.  Fargier.

Maintaining alternative values in  constraint-based  configuration

 ECAI’2012 Configuration Workshop (ConfWS’12): 1-7


D. Bigot, H.  Fargier., J. Mengin, B. Zanuttini

Using and Learning GAI-Decompositions for Representing Ordinal Rankings

 ECAI’2012 workshop on Preference Learning (PL’12): 5-10 


H. Fargier, J. Lang, J. Mengin, N. Schmidt.  

Issue-by-issue voting: an experimental evaluation.

 6th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling (MPREF’12): 9-14



H. Fargier, G. Jeantet, O. Spanjaard. .

Resolute Choice in Sequential Decision Problems with Multiple Priors.

Proceedings of  IJCAI 2011: 2120-2125


N. Ben Amor, H. Fargier, W. Guezguez.

On the Complexity of Decision Making in Possibilistic Decision Trees.

Proceedings of  UAI 2011: 203-210


A. Niveaun H. Fargier, C. Pralet.

 Representing CSPs with Set-labeled Diagrams: A Compilation Map..

Second IJCAI International Workshop on Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (GRK 11): Revised Selected Papers., LNCS vol 7205: 137-171 (2012)



M. Bienvenu, H. Fargier, P. Marquis

Knowledge Compilation in the Modal Logic S5

AAAI 2010,261-266 

ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/aaai10.pdf (extended version)


A. Niveau, H. Fargier,  C. Pralet, G. Verfaillie

Knowledge Compilation Using Interval Automata
and Applications to Planning

ECAI 2010,  459-464.



H. Fargier, E. Rollon, N. Wilson

Enabling Local Computation for Partially Ordered Preferences

Constraints 15(4): 516-539 (2010).



J. Fortin, P. Zieliński,  D. Dubois,  H. Fargier

Criticality analysis of activity networks under interval uncertainty

Journal of Scheduling, J. Scheduling 13(6): 609-627 (2010).



N. Ben Amor, H. Fargier, W. Guezguez

Necessity-based Choquet integrals for sequential
decision making under uncertainty

IPMU 2010: 521-531.



J.M. Astesana, Y. Bossu, L. Cosserat, H. Fargier

Constraint-based vehicle configuration : a case study

ICTAI 2010, 68-75.



Preliminary version: Constraint-based modeling and exploitation  of 

a vehicle range at Renault's:  requirement analysis and complexity study

ECAI 2010 Configuration workshop,33-39.




H. Fargier, P. Marquis

Knowledge Compilation Properties of Trees-of-BDDs, Revisited

IJCAI 09: 772-777.



D. Dubois, H. Fargier

Capacity refinements and their application to qualitative decision evaluation

ECSQUARU’09: 311-322



H. Fargier, N. Wilson

Local Computation Schemes with Partially Ordered Preferences

ECSQUARU’09: 34-45



D. Dubois, H. Fargier

Making discrete Sugeno integrals more discriminant

IJAR, Vol. 50, p. 880-898, 2009.



D. Dubois, H. Fargier, H.Prade, R. Sabbadin 

A survey of qualitative decision rules under uncertainty.

In : Decision-making - Concepts and Methods.

Denis Bouyssou, Didier Dubois, Marc Pirlot, Henri Prade (Eds.)Wiley,  435-473, 2009.




J.F. Bonnefon,  D. Dubois, H. Fargier

On the qualitative comparison of decisions having positive and negative features.

JAIR, Vol. 32, p. 385-417, 2008.


H. Fargier, P.Marquis.

Extending the Knowledge Compilation Map: Krom, Horn, Affine and Beyond.

AAAI 2008, 2008, p. 442-44.


H. Fargier, P.Marquis.

Extending the Knowledge Compilation Map: Closure Principles

ECAI 2008, p. 50-54.


D. Dubois, H. Fargier, J. Fortin.

Gradual numbers and their application to fuzzy interval analysis.

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 16 N. 2, p. 388-402, 2008.


J.F. Bonnefon,  D. Dubois, H. Fargier,  S. Leblois.
Qualitative heursitics for balancing the pros and the cons.
Theory and Decision, Vol. 65, p. 71-95, 2008.




H. Fargier, P.Marquis.
On valued negation normal form formulas.
IJCAI'2007, 360-365

D. Dubois, H. Fargier
Lexicographic refinements of Sugeno Integrals.
ECSQUARU'07 p. 611-622

H. Fargier , N. Wilson
Algebraic Structures for Bipolar Constraint-based Reasoning.
ECSQUARU'07, p. 623-634.

D. Dubois, H. Fargier, B. Vatangui
An axiomatization of  conditional possibilistic preference functionals.
ECSQUARU'07 p. 803-815



H. Fargier, P. Marquis
On the Use of Partially Ordered Decision Graphs for Knowledge Compilation and Quantified Boolean Formulae
AAAI'2006,  42-47.

S. Coste-Marquis, H. Fargier, J. Lang, D. Le Berre, P. Marquis.
Representing Policies for Quantified Boolean Formulae.
KR'2006, 286-297

D. Dubois, H. Fargier.
Qualitative decision making  with bipolar information.
KR'2006, 175-186

J.F. Bonnefon, H. Fargier.
Comparing sets of positive and negative affects:  empirical assement of seven qualitative rules


H. Fargier, R. Sabbadin.
Qualitative decision under uncertainty: back to expected utility.
Artificial Intelligence 164: 245-280, 2005

D. Dubois, H. Fargier, J. Fortin.
Computational methods for determining he latest starting times.
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing16:. 407-421, 2005

D. Dubois, H. Fargier, J. Fortin.
The empirical variance of a set of fuzzy intervals.
Proceedings of the  2005 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, may 2005, 885-890.

D. Dubois, H. Fargier
On the qualitative comparison of sets of positive and negative affects.
Proceedings of Ecsqaru’2005, Barcelona, 2-5 July 2005,  305-316.

 J. Fortin, P. Zielinski, D. Dubois, H. Fargier.
Interval analysis in scheduling.
Proceedings. of  CP'05, Sitges, spain, october 2005, 226-240.

J. Fortin, P. Zielinski, D. Dubois, H. Fargier.
Minimizing a makespan under uncertainty.
Proceedings of  IJCAI'05, poster session, Edinburgh august 2005, 1519-1520.

N. Parrod, C. Thierry, JBCavaille, H. Fargier.
Evaluation de performances d'une relation cooperative de sous-traitance de specialite au sein d'une chaîne logistique projet.
Journal europeen des systemes automatises (RS - JESA), V. 39: 839-862, 2005.

S.Bouveret, H. Fargier, J. Lang, M. Lemaitre.
Un modele general et des resultats de complexite pour le partage de biens indivisibles.
Troisiemes journees francophones sur les Modeles Formels d'Interaction (MFI'2005), Caen, France, may 2005, 65-74.

S.Bouveret, H. Fargier, J. Lang, M. Lemaitre.
Allocation of indivisible goods: a general model and some complexity results.  
AAMAS 2005, 1309-1310


Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Henri Prade.
Ordinal and Probabilistic Representations of Acceptance

JAIR 22: 23-56, 2004.
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Helene Fargier, Marie-Catherine Vilarem.
Compiling CSPs into tree-driven automata for interactive Solving.
Constraint. 9:263-287, 2004.
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier.
A unified framework for order-of-magnitude confidence relations.
Procedings of the 20th Conference of Uncertainty in Artificial Inelligence (UAI'04)
: 138-145.
Bibtex, Abstract, ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/DuboisFargierUAI04.ps

Cedric Baudrit, Didier Dubois, Dominique Guyonnet, Helene Fargier.
Joint Treatment of Imprecision and Randomness in Uncertainty Propagation.
Proceedings. of  IPMU'04:
Abstract Bibtex, ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/cedric_baudrit_ipmu2004.pdf

Cedric Baudrit, Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier.
Practical Representation of Incomplete Probabilistic Information.
Proceedings of the '2nd International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics' (SMPS'04)
: 149-156.

Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Jerome Fortin.
A generalized vertex method for computing with fuzzy intervals.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
, Budapest(Fuzz'IEEE'04): 541-546.
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<!--[endif]-->H. Fargier, J. Lang,  M. Lemaitre, G. Verfaillie.
Partage equitable de ressources communes I : Un modele general et son application au partage de ressouces satellitaires.
Techniques et Sciences Informatiques
Volume 23 (9), Hermes, 1193-1217, 2004
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H. Fargier, J. Lang,  M. Lemaitre, G. Verfaillie.
Partage equitable de ressources communes II : elements de complexite de d’algorithmique.
Techniques et Sciences Informatique
Volume 23 (9), Hermes, 1219-1231, 2004
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Helene Fargier, Regis Sabbadin.
Qualitative decision under uncertainty: Back to expected utility.
Proceedings of the 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence(IJCAI-03)
: 303-308.
Abstract, Bibtex, ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/ijcai2003revise4.pdf

Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Patrice Perny.
Qualitative decision theory with preference relations and comparative uncertainty: An axiomatic approach.
Artificial Intelligence 148: 219-260, 2003.
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Patrice Perny, Henri Prade.
A characterization of generalized concordance rules in multicriteria decision making.

International Journal of Intelligent Systems
18: 751-774, 2003.
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Philippe Fortemps.
Fuzzy scheduling: Modelling flexible constraints vs. coping with incomplete knowledge.
European Journal of Operational Reasearch
147:  231-252, 2003.
Abstract , Bibtex

Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Vincent Galvagnon.
On latest times and floats in activity networks with ill-known durations
European Journal of Operational Reasearch
147: 266-280, 2003.
Abstract, Bibtex

Dominique Guyonnet, Bernard Bourgine, Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Bernard Come, Jean-Paul Chiles.
Hybrid Approach for Addressing Uncertainty in Risk Assessments.
Journal of Environmental Engineering
,  129(1): 68-78, janvier 2003.
Abstract , Bibtex

Helene Fargier, Regis Sabbadin.
Additive refinements of qualitative decision criteria.
Proceedings  of the 4th International Workshop on Preferences and Decisions
, Trento, Italie, 23 septembre 26 septembre 2003: 23-29.

Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Regis Sabbadin.
Qualitative Decision Rules under Uncertainty.
Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasonning with Uncertainty, 7th European Conference (ECSQARU 2003):
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier.
Qualitative decision rules under uncertainty.
In  Planning Based on Decision Theory. G. Della Riccia, D. Dubois, R. Kruse, H.-J. Lenz (Eds.), Springer Wien, CISM 472, 3-26, 2003.
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Henri Prade, Patrice Perny.
Qualitative Decision Theory: From Savage's Axioms to Nonmonotic Reasoning.
Journal of the ACM 
49 (4):  455-495, juillet 2002.
Abstract, Bibtex, ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/JACM02.pdf

Jerome Amilhastre, Helene Fargier, Pierre Marquis.
Consistency restoration and explanations in dynamic CSPs-Application to configuration.
Artificial Intelligence 35(1-2): 199-234, fevrier 2002.
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Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Patrice Perny.
On the limitations of ordinal approaches to decision-making.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference, Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2002):
Abstract, Bibtex, ftp://ftp.irit.fr/IRIT/ADRIA/PapersFargier/KR02DuboisFargierPerny.ps

Helene Fargier, Caroline Thierry.
Evaluation du risque dans la gestion d'un projet sous contraintes de ressources externes: l'approche possibiliste.
Actes des Rencontres Francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications (LFA'02):153-160.
Abstract, Bibtex 

Helene Fargier, Regis Sabbadin.
Can qualitative utility criteria obey the sure thing principle?.
In  Technologies for Constructing Intelligent Systems 1 Tools. B. Bouchon-Meunier, J. Gutierrez-Rios, L. Magdalena, R.R. Yager (Eds.), Physica-Verlag, 167-178, 2002.


Alain Appriou, Andre Ayoun, Salem Benferhat, Philippe Besnard, Isabelle Bloch, Laurence Cholvy, Roger Cooke, Frederic Cuppens, Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Michel Grabisch, Anthony Hunter, Rodolf Kruse, Jerome Lang, Serafin Moral, Henri Prade, Alessandro Saffiotti, Philippe Smets, Claudio Sossai.
Fusion: general concepts and characteristics.
International Journal of Intelligent Systems
16(10):1107-1134, octobre 2001.

Helene Fargier, Jacques Lamothe.
Handling soft constraints in hoist scheduling problems: the fuzzy approach.
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier, V. 14, p. 387-399, 2001.

Helene Fargier, Patrice Perny.
Modelisation des preferences par une regle de concordance generalisee.
In  Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (A-MCD-A). A. Colorni, M. Paruccini, B. Roy (Eds.), European Commission Joint Research Centre, 99-116, 2001.
Abstract, Bibtex

Michel Aldanondo, Helene Fargier, Mathieu Veron.
Configuration, configurateurs et gestion de production.
In  Gestion de production. Jacques Erschler, Bernard Grabot (Eds.), Hermes Science, Traite IC2 productique, Productique, 179-209 chapitre 7, 2001.
Abstract, Bibtex 

Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Philippe Fortemps.
Ordonnancement sous contraintes flexibles et donnees incertaines : l'approche floue.
In  Ordonnancement de la production. Pierre Lopez, François Roubellat (Eds.), Hermes Science, Paris, Traite IC2, 361-391, janvier 2001.



Helene Fargier, Jerome Lang, Pierre Marquis.
Propositional logic and one-stage decision making.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference KR2000
: 445--456.
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Helene Fargier, Vincent Galvagnon, Didier Dubois.
Fuzzy PERT in series-prallel graphs.
Proceedings FUZZ-IEEE'2000
: 717-722.

Helene Fargier, Regis Sabbadin.
Can qualitative utility criteria obey the sure thing principle ?.

Proceedings IPMU'2000
: 821--826.
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Helene Fargier, Caroline Thierry.
The use of possibilistic decision theory in manufacturing planning and control: recent results in Fuzzy Master Production Scheduling.
In  Advances in Scheduling and Sequencing under fuzziness. R. Slowinski, M. Hapke (Eds.), Spingler-Verlag, 45-59, 2000.

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Decision, nonmonotonic reasoning and possibilistic logic.
In  Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence. Jack Minker (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 333-358, 2000.


Helene Fargier, Patrice Perny.
Qualitative models for decision under uncertainty without the commensurability assumption.
Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI'99)
: 188-195.
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Stefano Bistarelli, Helene Fargier, Ugo Montanari, Francesca Rossi, Thomas Schiex, Gerard Verfaillie.
Semiring-Based CSPs and Valued CSPs: Frameworks, Properties, and Comparison.
CONSTRAINTS: An international journal
, 4 (3): 199-240, septembre 1999.
Mathieu Veron, Helene Fargier, Michel Aldanondo.
From CSP to configuration problems.
Proceedins of the AAAI'99 Worshop on Configuration:

Thierry Vidal, Helene Fargier.
Handling contingency in temporal constraint networks: from consistency to controllabities.
Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
11:. 23--45, 1999.


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Comparative uncertainty, belief functions and accepted beliefs..
Proceedings of 14th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI'98):
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Helene Fargier, Jerome Lang, Regis Sabbadin.
Towards qualitative approaches to multi-stage decision making.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 19: 441--471, 1998.
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Between SAT and CSP: propositionnal satisfaction problems and clausal CSPs.
Proceedings of European Conference in Artificial Intelligence (ECAI'98)
: 214--218.


Didier Dubois, Helene Fargier, Henri Prade.
Possibilistic likelihood relations.
Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-based Systems (IPMU'98):



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Leximin optimality and fuzzy theoretic operations
World Congress on Fuzzy Systems (IFSA'97)
, Prague: 55-61.

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Beyond min aggregation in multicriteria decision: (Ordered) weighted min, discri-min, leximin.
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Traitement de problemes de decision sous incertitude par des problemes de satisfaction de contraintes.

Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle
11 (3): 375-398, septembre 1997.
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Fuzzy scheduling: Principles and experiments.
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Problemes de satisfaction de contraintes valuees.
Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle
11(3): 339-373, septembre 1997.
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Mixed constraint satisfaction: A framework for decision problems under incomplete knowledge.
Proceedings  of the 13th National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'96)
, Portland, Oregon, août 1996: 175-180.

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Possibility theory in constraint satisfaction problems: Handling priority, preference and uncertainty.
Applied Intelligence
  6:  287--309, 1996.
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Fuzzy constraints in job-shop scheduling.
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
6 (4): 215-234, 1995.
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Problemes de satisfaction de contraintes flexibles: application a l'ordonnancement de production,
PhD thesis, Universite P. Sabatier, 1994 (in French)

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Propagation and satisfaction of flexible constraints.
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The use of fuzzy constraints in job-shop scheduling.
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, Chambery: 101-112.

Helene Fargier, Jerome Lang, Thomas Schiex.
Selecting preferred solutions in fuzzy constraint satisfaction problems.
Proceedings  of the first European Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Technologies (EUFIT'93), Aachen, Germany
: 1128-1134.



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