Hélène Fargier is a CNRS senior researcher and the principal invertigator of the ANITI Knowledge Compilation Chair. She is interested in  extending the Knowledge Compilation approach to broader areas  (e.g. preference and uncertainties, continuous and mixed domains,  temporal information) and application domains (e.g. configuration, temporal planning, scheduling).  

Christian Artiguesis a senior research at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse and co-chair of the ANTI Knowledge Compilation project. His research deals with discrete/combinatorial optimization, scheduling problems, hybrid mixed-integer programming and constraint programming methods. Inside the ANITI Knowledge Compilation project, he aims at designing models and algorithms partly based on knowledge compilation for scheduling under uncertainty.

Romain Guillaume is Assistant Professor at the Toulouse University.  His research focus mainly on  uncertainty management (in particular, in supply chains) and temporal planning.  As co-chair of the ANITI KC project,  he plans to develop the use of knowledge compilation techniques in planning and scheduling problems.

Jérôme Mengin is Assistant Professor at the Toulouse University.  His research deals with in knowledge representation, reasonning and preference learning.  As co-chair of the
ANITI Knowledge Compilation project, he is in charge of the design of a KC map dedicated to learning problems - and also involved in the part of the project dedicated to the compilation of preferences and uncertainties.

Cédric Pralet is a research senior engineer at ONERA. He is interested in constraint programming and optimization, temporal planning, scheduling and assignement  problems linked  to spatial applications. The core of his  works as a co-chair of the ANITI Knowledge Compilation project  deals with the on-the-fly knowledge compilation and approximate compilation, as a way to enhance the efficiency of local search methods.

Elise Vareilles is a Professor at ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse University, France. Her research deals with knowledge-based systems, constraint programming, and product configuration. As affiliated researcher of the ANITI KC project, her aims is to combine filtering techniques and compilation to make better decisions while configuring goods.