In this page you will find an overview of the work I am doing and have done.

Table of Contents

Main Topics

  • Heterogeneous Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Hybrid Systems
  • Formal engineering, formal design
  • Logic and proof, co-verification
  • Abstract State Machines
  • Refinement-based approaches, Event-B
  • Differential Equations, Numerical Integration
  • Model Driven Engineering

Formal Methods, ASMs & Cyber-Physical Systems


  • Maître de Conférence (Associate Professor/Lecturer) at Toulouse INP &endash; ENSEEIHT
  • Part of the ACADIE team of IRIT (Toulouse, France) on topic 7 : Safety in Software Development
  • Part of the DISCONT ANR Project on correct integration of discrete and continuous models


The complete manuscript of my Ph.D. Thesis is available here. You can also find the slides for my defense here.

Conference Papers
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"Event-B Refinement for Continuous Behaviours Approximation", In 19th International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verificaiton and Analysis, ATVA 2021October 18-222021 [link]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"An Event-B Based Generic Framework for Hybrid Systems Formal Modelling", In 16th International Conference on integarted Formal Methods, iFM 2020November 16-202020 [link] [video]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, N. Singh, F. Ishikawa, T. Kobayashi, M. Pantel"Embedding Approximation in Event-B: Safe Hybrid System Design using Proof and Refinement", In 22nd International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2020March 1-32020 [link]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"Formally Verified Architecture Patterns of Hybrid Systems Using Proof and Refinement with Event-B", In 7th International Conference on Rigorous State Based Methods, ABZ 2020, (postponed but proceedings available)June2020 [link]
  • P. Stankaitis, G. Dupont, N. K. Singh, Y. Aït-Ameur, A. Iliasov, A. B. Romanovsky"Modelling Hybrid Train Speed Controller using Proof and Refinement", In 24th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, ICECCS 2019, Guangzhou, ChinaNovember 10-132019 [link]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"Handling Refinement of Continuous Behaviors: A Proof Based Approach with Event-B", In 13th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software EngineeringJuly 29-August 12019 [link|postprint]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"Hybrid Systems and Event-B: A Formal Approach to Signalised Left-Turn Assist", In 2nd International Workshop on Cybersecurity and Functional Safety in Cyber-Physical System, ICWFS 2018, Marakesh, MoroccoOctober 24-262018 [link]
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  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, M. Pantel, N. K. Singh"On the use of the Theory Plug-In to define theories for differential equations", In 7th Rodin Workshop, ABZ 2018, Southampton, UKJune 52018
Journal Papers
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, N. K. Singh, M. Pantel"Formally verified architectural patterns of hybrid systems using proof and refinement with Event-B", In Elsevier Science of Computer Porgramming, vol. 2162022 [link]
  • G. Dupont, Y. Aït-Ameur, N. K. Singh, M. Pantel"Event-B Hybridation: A Proof and Refinement Based Framework for Modelling Hybrid Systems", In ACM Transaction on Embedded Computer Systems, vol. 20-42021 [link]


You can find my models on the models page.

Model Driven Engineering



  • S. Mustafiz, O. Hassane, G. Dupont, F. Khendek, M. Toeroe"Model-driven process enactment for NFV systems with MAPLE", In Journal of Software System Modelling (SoSyM)Vol. 19, N. 52020 [link]
  • S. Mustafiz, G. Dupont, F. Khendek, M. Toeroe"MAPLE: An Integrated Environment for Process Modelling and Enactment for NFV Systems", In ECMFA 2018:14th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications, Toulouse, FranceJune 26-282018 [link]
  • G. Dupont, S. Mustafiz, F. Khendek, M. Toeroe"Building domain-specific modelling environments with papyrus: an experience report", In 10th Workshopon Modelling in Software Engineering (MiSE’2018), Gothenberg, SwedenMay 27-282018 [link]
  • Sadaf Mustafiz, Navid Nazarzadeoghaz, Guillaume Dupont, Ferhat Khendek, Maria Toeroe"A Model-Driven Process Enactment Approach for Network Service Design", In SDL 2017:Model-Driven Engineering for Future Internet - 18th International SDL Forum,Budapest, HungaryOctober 9-112017 [link]