IRIT - UMR 5505


The TafAnnote Annotation System

Exploiting the Annotation Practice for
Personal and Collective Information Management

  • What is TafAnnote?

    TafAnnote is a research prototype that enables people to annotate digital documents, just as we commonly annotate paper documents. Annotating digital documents is a useful both personal and collective activities:

    • personal use: active reading (critical thinking), proofreading, note-taking ...
    • collective use: in-context discussion and opinion exchange thanks to discussion threads. This features allows the creation of a "forum" on any part of a document.

    An annotation can be anchored to any part of a document: a word, a sentence, an image, etc. The user stores and organizes them in a personal hierarchy (a feature similar to common browser bookmarks).

    An annotated document

    The TafAnnote annotation system is an extension, i.e. a plugin designed for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. It is integrated as a toolbar that gives access to its annotation-related features.

    The TafAnnote toolbar integrated into Firefox


  • Installing TafAnnote

    TafAnnote is a research prototype currently under development. It is provided "as is," for evaluation and testing purposes.

    • You can have a try with the "Anonymous" login with the "TafAnnote" password.
      Alternatively, please request your personal account by sending me an email.
    • Install Mozilla Firefox 2 if necessary, and launch it.
    • Check that Java 6 or above is installed on your system.
    • Java is not installed on your computer.
    • Open xpointerlib-0.2.7.xpi with Firefox to install the required XPointerLib extension.
    • Open tafannote-1-1.xpi with Firefox to install the TafAnnote extension.
    • The install window for an XPI file on Firefox

    • Restart Mozilla Firefox.
    • Enter the login and password that you received by mail (Tools menu / TafAnnote).
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How to get the latest version of TafAnnote?
    • You may download and install it by clicking on this link: tafannote-1-1.xpi.

  • Known Issues and Bugs

    As TafAnnote is under development, please notify me of the issues or bugs that you may encounter. The following ones are already known:

    • TafAnnote does not work on Mozilla Firefox 3. Only Mozilla Firefox 2 is supported for the moment.
    • The GUI is only in French (maybe one day I will translate it in English...).
    • Anchoring points are expressed in XPointers as a path in the Document Object Model (DOM). When a document is modified, annotations appear at the bottom of it when TafAnnote cannot place it at its right location. Such annotations are called "misleading" (the anchoring point is locating a text range that does not correspond to the original selected text any more) or "orphans" (the annotated location does not exist any longer).
    • Network disconnections may halt TafAnnote. A workaround consists in restarting Firefox.
  • Extra Information