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Paul Sabatier University
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F-31062 Toulouse Cedex 9 , France

Phone: +33 (0)5 61 55 63 51

About me

I hold now the title of Emeritus Professor at Paul Sabatier University (UPS - Toulouse 3 - France), and therefore, I am no longer involved in any teaching activity.

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I am part of the ADRIA research team. My research primarily focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a specific emphasis on exploring and modeling analogical reasoning.

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I am also a part of the AOC research team where I have delivered numerous talks (My slides can be found on the AOC web site).

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Throughout my career, my research has spanned various topics, including logic programming and abstract rewriting systems. Presently, my academic focus primarily revolves around exploring the role of analogies in formal reasoning and their applications within the context of machine learning. For a deeper insight into the potential and versatility of analogical reasoning, please visit our Check Logical Proportion Page. To gain a better overview of my research activities, please visit my dblp page.

Past Teaching

Throughout my career, I have covered a wide range of subjects, spanning from theoretical concepts such as lambda calculus, type theory, logic, and complexity, to practical aspects including various programming languages such as assembly, C, C++, Java, Processing, PHP, Python and CAML, as well as operating systems, networks, and more.

At MSc level, I have delivered lectures on comprehensive machine learning topics, encompassing the PAC model, Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension, boosting, then deep learning, transformers and more.

Professional activities

2004 till date: Prof. of Computer Science (Toulouse Uni. - France)

2003 – 2004: Director of a NGO Computer Science Institute (Hanoi - Vietnam)

2000 – 2002: Prof. (Toulouse Uni. - France)

1997 - 2000: Prof. (Head of Computer Science Department - West Indies Uni.)


French Habilitation (1997) - Rewriting logic with negation
(Orleans Uni. - France)

PhD Computer Science (1989) - Formal Specification for Prolog (link)
(INRIA Paris - France)

PhD Maths (1985) - Elliptic Operators on Weighted Sobolev spaces (link)
(Orleans Uni. - France)