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About me

I am Professor of Computer Science at Paul Sabatier University (UPS - Toulouse 3 - France) where I am involved in undergraduate curricula and master programs.

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From 2004 till 2013, I have worked on a consultancy basis with the British Institute of Technology and E-commerce, as head of innovation and technology. In partnership with University of East London (London-UK), I have also been responsible for the accreditation and management of a master "Innovative Technologies".

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I am now a member of the AOC research team. Broadly, my research is related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am more particularly interested in exploring and modeling analogical reasoning and how it is used in day to day reasoning.

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Research (dblp link)

My research has covered many topics over the years. Today, my work is mainly related to Machine Learning applications (see for instance the tutorial that we have given at ECML/PKDD2014 "Machine Learning with Analogical Proportions"), investigating analogical reasoning and Kolmogorov complexity. Before turning to Inductive Logic Programming in 1998, I was involved in Logic and Rewriting.

  • Analogy and induction: It is largely agreed that the ability to build up analogies plays a crucial role in human cognitive process, for creativity and problem solving. So with my colleague H. Prade, we have started a rigorous investigation of that field, mainly from a Boolean and fuzzy logic viewpoint.
  • Kolmogorov complexity and applications:Kolmogorov theory brings in an opportunity to work on the formal aspects of analogy, leading hopefully to an effective analogical inference process.
  • Inductive Logic Programming:I started working on machine learning and ILP in 1998. After joining IRIT lab. in 2001, I felt the need to introduce a bit of flexibility in classical methods (mainly relying on first order logic) to deal with exceptions: with my IRIT team, we extended the standard ILP machinery with fuzzy logic processing.
  • E-commerce and security: When joining BITE in London, I started to investigate the field of security (VoIP, web site, etc...).
  • Rewriting and logic (in a past life!): My PhD as well as my research activities till 1998, were devoted to the use of rewriting techniques for first order and higher order logic.

Some publications

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need a specific information.

Teaching activity

Since the beginning of my career, I have taught diverse topics, from theory (lambda calculus, type theory, logic, complexity) to practice (programming languages (assembly, Pascal, C, C++, Java, Processing, PHP, CAML), operating systems, networks, web technology, project management, network security, cloud computing, etc...).

At the moment, I still teach diverse programming languages to undergraduate (Python, Processing). At MSc level, I teach Web/XML/AJAX technology andinternet security. I also give lectures about machine learning in the large, including PAC model, Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension, boosting and deep learning. I also introduce Kolmogorov complexity and its applications.


PhD Maths (1985) - major: Differential equations over Sobolev spaces
(Orleans Uni. - France)

PhD Computer Science (1989) - major: Logic programming
(INRIA Rocquencourt - France)

French "Habilitation (1997) - major: Rewriting logic with negation
(Orleans Uni. - France)

Professional activities

2014 till date: Professor of Computer Science (Toulouse Uni. - France)

2004-2013: Head of Innovation&Technology (Consultancy - UEL London) - Professor (Toulouse Uni. - France)

2003 – 2004: Director of a NGO Computer Science Institute in Hanoi (Vietnam)

2000 – 2002: Professor (Toulouse Univ. - France)

1997 - 2000: Head of Computer Science Department - Professor West Indies Uni.

89 - 97: Assistant Professor Orleans Uni. - France

86 - 89: Research fellow INRIA Paris

Other activities

Founder - CTO geom startup ( (Melbourne - Australia)

Workshop organization: Defeasible and Ampliative Reasoning DARe2017(alongside LPNMR in Espoo, Finland), DARe2016 (Link), DARe2015 (Link), DARe2014 (Link)
Similarity and Analogy-based Methods in AI (SAMAI 2012) (Link), Montpellier August 2012
Program committee: CAP2011, 2012, FLAIRS2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, ICGeS2006,2007, IBIMA2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
Reviewer: Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Journal of Logic Programming, Journal of Pure and Applied Logic, Artificial Intelligence
ILP=Logic+ML (Nov 2016 - IMT Toulouse)
Kolmogorov complexity: a computer science view (Oct 2015 - IMT Toulouse)
Anlogical Reasoning (Heidelberg University Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" (Nov.2014))
Machine learning with analogical proportions (Sept 2014 - ECML/PKDD Nancy France)
Spam filtering with compression (Aug 2014 - National University of Singapore)
Kolmogorov complexity for network intrusion detection (Sept 2010 - Univ. Toulouse 1)
Logic, ILP and cancer (Claudius Regaud Institute (Jan 2008, Toulouse-France, )
Introduction to Kolmogorov complexity (Nov 2006 - National Institute for Informatics, Tokyo )
Machine learning : formal models of learning (IFI institute and CNRS Lab. MICA in Hanoi, Hanoi April 2003)
Machine learning : a lot of questions, some answers (IRIT, département de Maths de Univ. Toulouse, National Institute of Medical Research (Toulouse), Toulouse, 2002)
Charity support : Tower Hamlets Council (London) "How to start a business using Ebay" for the burrough of Tower Hamlets (London)