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IRIT - UMR 5505

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  Gilles Hubert

  Position: Associate Professor - PhD - Accredited to supervise research (HDR)
  Service / Team:  Information Retrieval & Information Synthesis (IRIS)
  Office: IRIT1 / Level 4, Room: 409
  Phone: (+33)
  Fax: (+33)
  Address: Université Paul Sabatier,
118 route de Narbonne,
F-31062 Toulouse cedex 09



Research Activities


My research activities are related to Contextualization of Information Retrieval.
Four main lines are followed:
  • Semantic information retrieval. This work intends to capitalize domain representations related to information (i.e ontologies, concept hierarchies...) or to use spatial and temporal dimensions in addition to topical dimension of information (i.e. geographic information).
  • Structured information retrieval. This work deals with considering document structure in the IR process especially for XML documents.
  • User and Information retrieval. This work deals with evolution of users' interests and capitalization of users' experiences.
  • Contextual adaptation of information retrieval systems. This work intends to identify contexts of use and to identfy the appropriate system for a given context.
The contributions related to these research activities comprise :
  • several national and international publications
  • implementations in national and european projects
  • prototypes (XML IR System, Query Explorer- assistant for query formulation, VSE - framework for VIRI evaluation...)
  • participations to international evaluation programs (TREC, INEX...) or experimentations using reference collections

 Accreditation to supervise research and PhD Thesis

  • Gilles Hubert, "Information retrieval and context", Accreditation to supervise research in Computer Science, University of Toulouse - Paul Sabatier, 2010. (In French)
    [Source 1] [Source 2]
  • Gilles Hubert, "Versioning in object oriented databases : Modelling and management", PhD Thesis in Computer Science, University of Toulouse - Paul Sabatier, 1997. (In French)
    [Source 1] [Source 2]


 Complete list of my Publications here...


Member of international and national program committees (ECIR 2011, 2009 et 2006, CIKM 2010, IADIS Applied Computing depuis 2008, HSI 2010 (Special session), ISDA 2009 (Special session), SASWeb 2009, CORIA 2006 et 2004, INFORSID 2007, 2005 et 2003...)

Member of organizing committee of several national and international conferences (BDA 2010, ECIR 2009, Inforsid 2009…)



Read some prototype description (Sorry in French!):






Associate professor since 1999 at the university of Toulouse (Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III), more precisely at Campus of Tarbes (150 km far from Toulouse).

I am teaching:

  • Information system engineering
  • Datawarehouses
  • Decision support tools
  • Object-relational databases
  • Data processing tools
  • XML information retrieval

I am teaching in the following formations:
  • IUP MPMO (Management of small and medium organisations)
  • IUP MER (Management of business networking)
  • IUP SID (Statistics and Decision support computing)
  • M2R-MITT
  • ...

I am a member of the "Improvement Council" of the CMI SID MER





I am one of the system administrator of SIG computers since 2004 (more than 20 PC with domain and application server).
System administrator of computers at the department TC of the IUT of Tarbes between 2001 and 2010.