Workshop on Smart

and Sustainable City


organized in association with The Smart World Congress 2016

and associated to the International Conference IEEE UIC 2016

18 July, 2016, Toulouse, France

The future smart and sustainable cities applications deployments need to solve many challenges at different levels: social, environmental, economical and technical. Cities around the world are becoming connected cities and the use of Information and Communication Technologies is growing every day while in the same time humans, society and environment must be in the loop. The smart cities applications must be developed by interdisciplinary teams. The main challenges this workshop will highlight are interoperability, open data, self-adaptation, networking and maintenance of cyberphysical systems deployed in the cities, simulation, decision making systems,… The technologies and infrastructures have to be defined in order to facilitate a participatory approach for new applications to improve the quality of life and the quality of our environment.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers/academics/industries from different disciplines to discuss smart cities applications, from their requirements and design to their deployment, the main challenges and solutions. Pluri and inter disciplinary works are appreciated.

Proceedings are available on IEEE Xplore

Workshop Co-Chairs
  • Georges Da Costa (IRIT - Toulouse University)
  • Marie-Pierre Gleizes (IRIT - Toulouse University)
  • Corinne Alonso (LAAS CNRS - Toulouse University)
  • Marc Mequignon (LERASS - Toulouse University)