You can find here an overview of my research, the list of my PhD students, and a list and description of the projects I am/was involved in Overview An overview of my research work is available in my Habilitation (document in french) or in the associated slides (slides in french), defended on 12th Nov 2015 My focus is on Energy Efficiency in ICT and with ICT. I mainly focuses on HPC and large scale infrastructures (clusters, grids, clouds).


My main teaching are System and Large Scale Distributed Systems Some material@Toulouse: M1 parallelism Lesson MPI Python examples from the Lesson M1 Systèmes répartis M2 resource management M2 Virtualisation et Cloud Computing Some material@Elsewhere Cours pour Doctorants a Addis Abeba: Mobile Wireless Network CSIT Tutorial 2013 SaaS tutorial Cours pour Doctorant a Beyrouth Economie d'energie dans les systemes distribues a grande echelle : P2P, Grilles de calcul, Clouds, Energie dans les clouds, MapReduce