Distributed Systems


You can find here an overview of my research, the list of my PhD students, and a list and description of the projects I am/was involved in Overview An overview of my research work is available in my Habilitation (document in french) or in the associated slides (slides in french), defended on 12th Nov 2015 My focus is on Energy Efficiency in ICT and with ICT. I mainly focuses on HPC and large scale infrastructures (clusters, grids, clouds).


My main teaching are System and Large Scale Distributed Systems Some material@Toulouse: M1 parallelism Introduction lesson MPI Lesson MPI and MPI Python examples from the Lesson Example of collective operations TD MPI Labs MPI, Files for the labs Homework MPI, Files for the Homework Monitors Lesson 1, Lesson 2 Monitor Exercises: TD1 TD2 TD3 Monitor Labs and Python sheet for labs M1 Systèmes répartis Project: Multi-player fully distributed game lab M2 resource management

MPI Collective operations

bcast Play/Replay bcast scatter Play/Replay scatter gather Play/Replay gather reduce Play/Replay reduce all_gather Play/Replay all_gather all_reduce Play/Replay all_reduce

Multi-player fully distributed game lab

Distributed systems The goal of these labs is to implement several synchronization algorithms. For this we will use a small multi-player board game. The provided version does not manage the synchronization between players. It leads to a final state where several players have a different view on the results. You will have to implement several algorithms seen during the lessons. Centralized approach (as baseline) Token-based approach Ricart and Agrawala mutual exclusion Ernest Chang and Rosemary Roberts.