M2 Internship and PhD Subjects - Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr -- Bannay - Univ. Toulouse III

Master 2 Internship and PhD Subjects*

*The internship period should be associated to a financial suport (excepted if you have a CIMI fellowship program). The financial suport can be obtained from the EDMITT doctoral school and from CIMI and according to the case from ADRIA research team.

Subject : Goal-driven autonomy Agent and Surprises (click to fold/unfold...)

Superviser: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr.

Surprises occur frequently in real-world environments, being able to program agents that can adapt to theses surprises is a challenge for artificial intelligence.

The aim of this internship project is first to situate the framework of Goal-Driven autonomy (GDA) agents with regard to the extrapolation of scenario framework (indeed in the two frameworks the aim is to find explanations about unexpected facts in a scenario). Then the student should propose a GDA algorithm that adapts the goals of an autonomous agent according to the answers given by its environment.

Subject: Formalizing cognitive acceptance of arguments

The long term aim of this project is to be able to predict the reaction of a human user in presence of an argument: will he/she accept or reject it? We have already proposed a computational cognitive model of argument acceptance based on the user profile (knowledge base, association rules, interest, attention etc.) and its reasoning process. Our research hypothesis, based on the dual process theory, assumes that the reasoning is done on two levels: on one hand we have the crisp logical based reasoning and on the other the less crisp association based reasoning.

The aim is to develop a computational cognitive model for argument acceptance based on the dual model system in cognitive psychology.

Supervision: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr with maybe the help of some Montpellier researchers

Subject: Towards an intuitive un-equivocal visual language for representing knowledge in order to memorize, reason, decide and communicate

The aim of this intership is first to complete the set of principles that have already been proposed for charcterizing a rational visual representation language, second to propose a Visual Language which satisfies those principles, third to build an interactive tool that allows to write and read in this language.

Supervision: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr and Denis Parade

The practical goal of this internship would be the development of a graphical user interface (GUI) specific for VTL enabling to read/write and reason in VTL. The theoretical goal would be to progress on the issue of formalising the characterisation of a rational visual language.

Subject: Learning decision principles (default rules relating features to goal achievement)

Supervision: Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr, Romain Guillaume

The practical goal of this internship would be to implement a software able to learn automatically decision principles from a database and to select the best decision in different situations. The theoretical goal would be to show the feasibility of this approach, to compare the results with the ones obtained by other decision techniques and to relate the BLF approach to formal concept analysis.

All these subjects can be viewed as first step towards a doctoral research project (PhD.)