Short Bio.

Emmanuel Lavinal received a Master Degree in Networks and Telecommunications in 2002 and a Ph.D Degree in Computer Science in 2006 from Université de Toulouse (France). After his Ph.D, he obtained a post-doc position at Télécom Paris (formerly known as ENST) within the computer and network department. In April 2008, he obtained a temporary research engineer position at the INP-ENSEEIHT School of Engineering. Since September 2009, he is an associate professor at Université de Toulouse. Emmanuel Lavinal obtained his habilitation to supervise research (HDR in French) in December 2022.

Research Activities

Current Research Topics

  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network virtualization
  • Control and data plane network programmability
  • Machine learning applied to network management

Current and past projects

  • IRT Saint-Exupery SUPERG (2019-2022)
    Topic: Virtualized network functions for the satellite and integration with 5G mobile networks
  • DGA/DGAC IREHDO2 (2014-2018)
    Topic: From security requirements to network configurations: verifying the network behaviour in a virtualized testing environment
  • AIRSYS IMAP (2009-2012)
    Topic: Information Management for Avionics Platform and Avionics Data Communication Network
  • ANR SATRIMMAP (2008-2011)
    Topic: Safety and Time Critical Middleware for future Modular Avionics Platform
  • ANR AVIPS (2007-2008).
    Topic: Dynamic resource management in service delivery platforms

PhD students

  • Louis Royer (2021-2024) : Multi-access Edge Computing in 5G networks (co-supervised with E. Chaput)
  • El-Heithem Mohammedi (2019-2022) : Machine learning to detect and locate incidents in a network service provider
  • Youssouf Drif (2019-2022) : Dynamic management of satellite ressources using SDN and NFV techniques (co-supervised with E. Chaput)
  • Messaoud Aouadj (2013-2016) : Airnet, an edge-fabric abstraction model to manage software-defined networks (co-supervised with M. Sibilla)
  • Ludi Akue (2009-2013) : Online configuration verification for complex networked systems (co-supervised with M. Sibilla)


Teaching Activities

  • Algorithms and programming fundamentals (bachelor)
  • Computer networks (bachelor)
  • Network management, software defined networks, network virtualization (master)