Short Bio.

Emmanuel Lavinal received a Master Degree in Networks and Telecommunications in 2002 and a Ph.D Degree in Computer Science in 2006 from University of Toulouse (France). After his Ph.D, he obtained a post-doc position at Télécom Paris (formerly known as ENST) within the computer and network department. In April 2008, he obtained a temporary research engineer position at the INPT-ENSEEIHT School of Engineering. Since September 2009, he is an associate professor at University of Toulouse.

Research Activities

Current Research Topics

  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network virtualization
  • Control and data plane network programmability
  • Machine learning applied to network management

Current and past projects

  • IRT Saint-Exupery SUPERG (2019-2022)
    Topic: Virtualized network functions for the satellite and integration with 5G mobile networks
  • DGA/DGAC IREHDO2 (2014-2018)
    Topic: From security requirements to network configurations: verifying the network behaviour in a virtualized testing environment
  • AIRSYS IMAP (2009-2012)
    Topic: Information Management for Avionics Platform and Avionics Data Communication Network
  • ANR SATRIMMAP (2008-2011)
    Topic: Safety and Time Critical Middleware for future Modular Avionics Platform
  • ANR AVIPS (2007-2008).
    Topic: Dynamic resource management in service delivery platforms

PhD students

  • El-Heithem Mohammedi (2019-2022) : Machine learning to detect and locate incidents in a network service provider
  • Youssouf Drif (2019-2022) : Dynamic management of satellite ressources using SDN and NFV techniques (co-supervised with E. Chaput)
  • Messaoud Aouadj (2013-2016) : Airnet, an edge-fabric abstraction model to manage software-defined networks (co-supervised with M. Sibilla)
  • Ludi Akue (2009-2013) : Online configuration verification for complex networked systems (co-supervised with M. Sibilla)


Teaching Activities

  • Algorithms and programming fundamentals (bachelor)
  • Computer networks (bachelor)
  • Network management, software defined networks, network virtualization (master)