2017 - TDOME for interacting with Multi-Display Environments

2016 - DECO Design space and Roly-PolyMouse 2

2015 - Roly-Poly Mouse (alias DISCO) for pointing and rotating 3D objects

2015 - Smartphone based navigation in 3D virtual Environements: Around The Smartphone (ASP), On the Smartphone (OSP) and With the Smartphone (WSP)

2014 - neOCampus: Smartphone based exploration of Energy data consulmption in buildings of a Campus

2013 - VIT3D platform: View, Controler and advanced interaction techniques to support the exploration of a 3D representation of the TBL (OMP) by visitors

2013 - Evaluation protocol for 3D Pointing task

2012 - OnTop: Interactive table for supporting a collaborative design based on the use of a design model (ASUR)

2011 - MIME CubeTile

2010 - CladiBubble: creting groups of species in a cladogram with an AirPump

2010 - CladiCube: creting groups of species in a cladogram with the CubeTile

2009 - MIME

2010 - NotePad Assisted Slideshow

Tactile Camera

Tangible Camera

2009 - Mixed Interaction Techniques for Navigating Google Earth

2007 - Google Earth - Stick: navigating google earth

2007 - Google Earth - SteeringBoard (video) : navigating Google Earth

2006 - Rapace: tangible exploration of a cladogram

2006 - Tangible Palette for exploring a 3D tree