Research domain

I am leading my research in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I am really interrested in, and focusing on, advanced forms of HCI that tend to combine physical and digital worlds: e.g. mixed and augmented reality, tangible user interfaces (TUI), gesture based interaction, tactile interaction, surface based interaction techniques, etc.
I am usually using the term "Mixed Interactive Systems" (MIS) to refer to these class of advanced interactive systems: this class depict the interactive system in which physical and digital worlds are combined to take advantage of the computing capabilities and user's skills, habits, knowledge, facilities in his/her physical and daily environment.

Major interests and contributions

My core interests concern the design aspects of Mixed Interactive Systems (MIS).

Modelling MIS

I have been and I am still widely involved in the development of models dedicated to the design of MIS to describe the user's interaction with a MIS, the underlying software architecture of a MIS and the content of ergonomic recommendations specific to MIS.

Design approach for MIS

I am also exploring the use of these models in a wider design perspective, in order to better integrate these design ressources in a design process. This lead for example to the elaboration of creativity design method, model based simulation of MIS prototypes and he definition of a design process for MIS in museums.

Understanding the benefits of MIS in 3D spaces

I am also investigating the use of MIS in the context of 3D applications. Here my work concerns the characterisation of advanced interaction involving 3D spaces and their evaluation. I am apying specific attention to the results and knowledge established and currently explored in the field of spatial cognition.

Application domains

I am investigating these problems in the context of large audience application, museum and other knowledge transfer situation. More recently I started to explore the use and design of such systems with ambiant and smart environments (home, university campus)

Some time ago I have also been confronting these research questions to the domain of Computer Assisted Surgery.