Emiliano Lorini (IRIT-CNRS, Toulouse University, France)


The tutorial will provide a general introduction to logics for modelling autonomous agents and multi-agent systems.

This includes propositional dynamic logic (PDL), the logic of `seeing to it that' (STIT), the logic of `bringing it about that' (BIAT),

coalition logic (CL), alternating-time temporal logic (ATL) and strategy logic (SL). During the tutorial we will also present some

extensions of these logics by common sense `mentalistic' concepts such as knowledge, belief and preference.



Emiliano Lorini is CNRS researcher and head of the LILaC (Logique, Interaction, Langue, et Calcul) group

at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), Université Paul Sabatier. He has a background

in artificial intelligence, logic and game theory. His main interest is in the formal analysis, with the aid of logic and

game theory, of the reasoning and decision-making processes of both human agents and artificial agents as well as

of several aspects of social interaction such as the concepts of trust, reputation, power and social emotion.

Emiliano Lorini authored more than 100 articles in journals and international conferences and workshops

in the fields of AI, logic and game theory including Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR),

Journal of Logic and Computation, Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JOLLI), Studia Logica, Synthese,

European Economic Review, IJCAI, AAMAS, KR, TARK and ECAI. He was a reviewer for major conferences and

journals in AI, logic and economics among which: AI Journal, JAAMAS, Synthese, Games and Economic Behavior,

International Journal of Game Theory, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Journal of Logic and Computation,

AAAI, IJCAI, KR, AAMAS, ECAI. He was a PC member of major conferences in AI field such as AAMAS, ECAI,

IJCAI  and KR. He has been PC chair of 11th European Workshop on Multi-agent Systems (EUMAS 2013),

of the First European Conference on Social Intelligence (ECSI 2014) and of the Second International Workshop

on Norms, Actions and Games (NAG 2016). He has been guest editor of five special issues of the Journal of

Philosophical Logic, Synthese, Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JOLLI), Journal of Applied

Non-Classical Logics (JANCL) and AI & Society. He edited a volume for the series “Studies on the Philosophy of Sociality”, Springer.


Emiliano Lorini

IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier

118 route de Narbonne

31062 Toulouse, France