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  Longin Dominique

  Status : Permanent
  Service / Team :  Logic, Interaction, Language and Computation
  Contact :
  Localization : IRIT1 / Level 3, Office: 316
  Phone : +33 (0) 561 556 447
  Fax: +33 (0) 561 556 258
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I am a full time CNRS researcher in the Institute of Information and Engineering Sciences and Technologies (INST2I). I have been member of the Logic, Interaction, Language and Computation (LILaC) of IRIT since October 2002.

I am also an invited member of the staff Judgment and Decision in Complex Situation (CLLE-LTC - UMR 5263).


 Research Topics

I am interested in formal models of interaction from a multidisciplinary point of view by the way of logical formalization of cognitive agents. These agents are characterized by their mental components (belief, desire, goal, intention, internalized norms, emotions, etc.). These agents can perform (physical or linguistical) actions. They can be member of groups.


 Current Research Activities

These researches are currently focussed on the emotions modeling and on group attitudes. In particular, I am interested in group emotion (generation, dynamics, and spreading).


 Curriculum vitae

Degree course:

Career path:

  • October 2006: full time CNRS researcher (1st class).
  • October 2002: full time CNRS researcher (2nd class).
  • February 2002 - September 2002: CNRS contract worker as researcher. I was a post-doctoral student at Laboratoire Travail et Cognition, UMR 5551 (today the CLLE-LTC laboratory, UMR 5263). (It is a laboratory of cognitive psychology.)
  • January 2002: full time CNRS contract worker as researcher at IRIT.
  • October 2001 - December 2001: full time research supply works in the LILaC group at IRIT.
  • September 2000 - August 2001: full time contract worker at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse.
  • September 1999 - August 2000: half time contract worker at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse.
  • septembre 1996 - août 1999: recipient of the French Ministry of education, high level teaching, and research.



Current students:

Former students:


 Projects between academic partners

Current projects:

  • no item

Old projects:


 Projects with industrial partners

Current projects:

  • no item

Old projects:

  • 2008 - 2012: MAELIA. Project funded by the RTRA Sciences et Techniques de l'A�ronautique et de l'Espace (STAE). Member of Workpackage 3.
  • 2008: Study of actions modeling performed by institutionnal agents, human agents and articifial agentsResearch contract with France Telecom.
  • 1997 - 2000: Definition and implementation of a belief change theory in cooperative dialogues. Industrial project, action "Methods and technics intelligent dialogue systems person-machine, with France T�l�com R&D (contract No. CNET 97 1B 046). Member (PhD student position).
  • 2003 - 2005: Multidisciplinary approach of the mistake process in person-machine dialogue. Regional Council Project (from Midi-Pyr�n�es, France). Member.


 Other scientific activities (since 2015)

Reviews and committees:

  • January 2015: program committee member of AAMAS 2015.

Research managing:





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