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Spatial Perception and Cognition / Non Visual Interaction

Assistive Technologies / Visual Impairment

Cherchons pour Voir

Common research lab IRIT / Institute for Blind Youth

We signed a research convention with the Institue for Blind Youth in Toulouse (IJA). We created the Cherchons pour Voir lab directed by C. Jouffrais

Our goal is to build a lasting partnership with specialized teachers, caretakers, and visually impaired users. "Cherchons pour Voir" aims to better understand the impairments and needs of visually impaired users. It also enables the design of Assistive Technologies based on Information and Communication Technologies. 

Cherchons pour Voir includes two fully equipped labs  for experiments on non-visual perception and end-user evaluations with visually impaired subjects. We are also able to set-up evaluations at the Institute for Blind Youth in Toulouse.

Inauguration IJA Inauguration IJA  
J. Montauriol (Dir. IJA), Nicole Dedebat  (city of Toulouse), Patrick Mounaud (regional delegate CNRS) during inauguration of CPV Showing research equipment to  rectorship delegate during inauguration of CPV  


Experimental facilities at IRIT

Research equipments are installed in a large dark room equipped for experiments and evaluations

Naturalpoint Optitrack

12 caméras @ 100 hz

ASL Eye tracker

Monocular 120 Hz

Arrington Eyetracker + VR Helmet

HMD-integrated 60 Hz eyetracking solution mounted on an nVisor SX60 HMD

Multi touch surfaces

Immersion 41", 3M 21", ASUS tablets , Samsung tablets and smartphones, etc.

Positioning and Mobilty sensors

Great variety of GPS, Inertial Measurment Units, etc.

Experiment of Simulated Prosthetic Vision
(collab with Marc Macé)
Exploration of the Multimodal Interactive Map 
Tactile exploration of a raised-line map Thackavoir à l'IJA
Tactile exploration of a raised-line map T'hackavoir challenge at IJA