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Christine JULIEN

  Position: PhD - Associate Professor
  Service / Team:  Systèmes d'Information Généralisés (SIG)
  Office: IRIT1 / Level 4, Room: 426
  Phone: (+33)
  Address: Université Paul Sabatier,
118 route de Narbonne,
F-31062 Toulouse cedex 09




Research Activities


My research activities are related to Adaptive Information Access & Retrieval.
Three main axis could be highlighted:
  • Studies on user activities related to information: i.e. annotations, social information-based activities, Web 2.0...,
  • User, task and context modelling for information access and retrieval,
  • Interfaces for information retrieval systems.
Our results have been integrated in information access and retrieval systems (search engines, recommender systems...) that correspond to fully functionnal prototypes (Easy-DOR, TafAnnote…).

In order to improve our results, we are working with experts from peripheral topics like cognitive science for user modelling.






Read some prototype description (Sorry in French!):






Associate professor since 1989 at the Université de Toulouse, Toulouse III ; more precisely at IUT Informatique Rangueil (Computer science department).

The main topics of my courses are "Algorithm & Programming" especially Oriented Object Programming.

At IUT, I am particularly responsible for:
  • C++ programming modules, L1 "DUT Informatique" and L2 "DUT Informatique Année Spéciale"
  • JAVA programming modules, L2 "DUT Informatique" and "DUT Informatique Année Spéciale"
  • "Management of the quality" module, L3 "Licence professionnelle SIL - Sofware Quality"

I also teach :
  • Web Information Retrieval, M2R-MITT/RIBD - RIBD6
  • Oriented Object Design, Java, C++ in Business Training






  • Responsible for training "DUT Informatique en Année Spéciale", Toulouse 3 since 2003
  • Executive committee member of the association INFORSID and Server Administrator
  • Member of the "Commission de Choix des Enseignants du Supérieur de l'IUT A - discipline Informatique et Mathématiques appliquées"
  • Member of the Department Council of IUT Informatique, Toulouse 3