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Toulouse 1 University and  IRIT Laboratory.
2 rue Doyen Gabriel Marty, 31042  Toulouse Cedex, France.

Email: hanachi@univ-tlse1.fr
Tel: (+33 5) 61 63 35 60
Fax: (+33 5) 61 63 37 98

News : since 2020, I am the director of the Master II, MIAGE, track on : "Innovative Information Systems"
for English speaking students.
First edition of ISCRAMMED was launched in Toulouse. Proceedings are available HERE

I am  Professor  in Computer Science at Toulouse 1 University , and member of the IRIT Laboratory (SMAC Team).

My  research interests have been the definition of coordination models for Agent Oriented Information Systems. Coordination is seen as a first-class design dimension  ensuring  the coherent and efficient behavior of cooperative agents. Several coordination techniques have been investigated such as organizational structuring, contracting, negotiation and interaction protocols. Coordination models are described by means of Petri Nets, known as an adequate formalism for  specifying, simulating and verifying parallel and distributed systems in a formal way.  These models have been applied to several distributed, cooperative, open and large scale applications  such as  crisis management , inter-organizational workflow or cooperative information gathering. 

I have also been a member of  AgentLink, the ESPRIT-funded European Network of Excellence in the area of agent-based computing.

From 2008 to January 2020,  I was the head of University Toulouse 1 site of the IRIT laboratory.
From 2005 to 2009, I was member of the scientific board (conseil scientifique)  of Toulouse 1 University.

In 2014, I co-founded  with my colleagues   François Charoy and Frédérick BENABEN the international conference ISCRAMMED. I organised and co-chair the first edition ISCRAMMED2014.

I held several invited research positions in Tunisia, since 2005. I also use to cooperate with, welcome and visit  colleagues from Algiers, Bucarest,  Chicago (USA), Montreal (Canada), Santa Caterina (Brasil), Guadalajara (Mexico), Trondheim (Norway) and  Tunisia.

My teaching interests include multi-agent systems, workflow management, databases and programming languages.
Since 2020, I am the head of the master II " Innovative Information System " at University Toulouse 1 Capitole.

From 2000 to 2006, I was the head of a "licence professionnelle" diploma (professionnally oriented Bachelor degree) in computer science at University Toulouse 1 Capitole .