List of Important Publications

Note: we used the SJR SCIMAGO (https: // www. scimagojr. com ), the Impact Factor and the CORE ( journal and conference ranking


  • Q. Rouland, B. Hamid, J. Jaskolka. Formal Specification and Verification of Reusable Communication Models for Distributed Systems Architecture, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, 2020 (SJR Q1, IF 5.768, Rank A)
  • B. Hamid, D. Weber. Engineering Secure Systems: Models, Patterns and Empirical Validation, Computers & Security Journal, Elsevier, 2018 (SJR Q1, IF 3.062, Rank A)
  • B. Hamid. A Model-Driven Approach for Developing a Model Repository: Methodology and Tool Support, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, 2017 (SJR Q1, IF 5.768, Rank A)
  • B. Hamid, J. Perez. Supporting Pattern-Based Dependability Engineering via Model-Driven Development: Approach, tool-support and empirical validation, Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier, 2016 (SJR Q1, IF 2.444, Rank A)
  • B. Hamid, S. Gurgens, A. Fuchs. Security Patterns Modeling and Formalization for Pattern-based Development of Secure Software Systems. Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, Springer, 2016 (SJR Q4, Rank B)
  • F. Krichen, B. Hamid, B. Zalila, M. Jmaiel, B. Coulette. Development of Reconfigurable Distributed Embedded Systems with a Model-Driven Approach. International Journal of Concurrency and Computation : Practice and Experience, Wiley, 2015 (SJR Q2, IF 1.167, Rank A)


  • B. Hamid. A Model Repository Description Language - MRDL. ICSR 2016 (Rank A)
  • A. Motii, B. Hamid, A. Lanusse, J-M. Bruel. Guiding the selection of security patterns for real-time systems. ICECCS 2016 (Rank A)
  • J. Geisel, B. Hamid, J-M. Bruel. Security Concepts as Add-On for Process Models. ICECCS 2015 (rank A)
  • B. Hamid. Interplay of Security &Dependability and Resource using Model-driven and Pattern-based Development. TrustCom 2015 (Rank A)
  • F. Krichen, B. Hamid, B. Zalila, M. Jmaiel. Towards a Model-Based Approach for Reconfigurable Distributed Real Time Embedded Systems. ECSA 2011 (Rank A)
  • B. Hamid, S.Gurgens, C. Jouvray, N. Desnos. Enforcing S&D Pattern Design in RCES with Modeling and Formal Approaches. MoDELS 2011 (Rank B)