I teach software engineering in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès (UT2J), and used to give invited lectures and complete courses in various universities and engineering schools worldwide. More specifically, I teach in the following areas:


Materials for the students from the Master ICE at UT2J (20182019): Master 2 and Master 1.


My research activities lie in Software and Systems Engineering, focusing on agility and safety within the development of software-intensive systems. In our group, we develop techniques, frameworks, and environments to facilitate the creation, integration, and automated processing of software languages. The main application domains include cyber-physical systems, Internet of things, embedded systems, smart technologies and sustainability systems.

In particular, we contribute to the following fields:

  • Model-Driven (software and systems) Engineering, Software Language Engineering, Generative approaches
  • Domain Specific (Modeling) Languages, and Metamodeling
  • Software variability, and dynamic adaptive systems
  • Aspect-oriented modeling and model composition
  • Model Validation & Verification
  • Software Development Process & Business Process Management

The GEMOC Initiative    Globalization of DSLs

Want to hack languages yourself? I have open positions and I am always looking for talented and motivated persons who want to join us for an internship, a PhD, a Post-doc, or a research visit. Feel free to contact me.


Since 2009, I have very much enjoyed collaborating with (and learned from) the following PhD and MSc students.

Emmanuel Chebbi , since Oct, 2019. Grant from DGA and Britanny region. Co-supervisors: G. Leguernic and S. Ebersold.
June Sallou , since Oct, 2018. Co-supervisors J. Bourcier and J.-R. de Dreuzy.
Pierre Jeanjean , since Oct, 2018. Co-advisor: O. Barais. Co-supervisor: D. E. Khelladi.
Fabien Coulon , since Dec, 2017. Project Kaulua, CIFRE grant with Obeo.
Dorian Leroy , since Nov, 2016. Funded by the Austrian Tetrabox project. Co-supervision with Manuel Wimmer and Erwan Bousse at TU Wien.


Efficient Reuse of Language Components (LangComponent)

2019-2022: Grant from the French Pôle d’Excellence Cyber. PI.


2020-2022: Bilateral collaboration with the CEA DAM. PI.

French Research Network on Model-Driven Engineering for Complex Systems (IDM4SCO)

2018-2019: National network on MDE for software related to complex systems. Co-PI with Serge Stinckwich.

GLObalization in Systems Engineering (GLOSE)

2018-2021: industrial collaboration Safran/Inria/CNRS (network DESIR). PI for CNRS.

Agile Language Engineering (ALE)

2017-2022: Inria associate team with the SWAT team at CWI. Co-PI with Tijs van der Storm.

Engineering xDSML (EMMA)

2017-2018: WTZ (AT) / PHC Amadeus (FR) grant between TU Wien and Univ. Toulouse. Co-PI with Tanja Mayerhofer.


2017-2020: Bilateral collaboration (CIFRE) with the Obeo company. PI.

DSL Families for Packet Filtering Policy (Family)

2016-2019: Grant from the French Pôle d’Excellence Cyber. PI.

Domain-Specific Metamodeling for Filtering Policy (FPML)

2014-2018: Bilateral collaboration with DGA, the French Defense Procurement Agency. PI.

Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems (MPM4CPS)

2014-2018: ICT COST Action IC1404. Member of the Management Committee.


2013-2016: FP7 FET (Benoit Baudry coordinates the whole project).

Model-Based Security Analysis at Runtime (MBSAR)

2013-2015: CNRS Project, Program PICS. PI.

Generic Environment for Models of Computation (ANR GEMOC)

2012-2016: ANR Project, Program INS, Grant n°ANR-12-INSE-0011. PI.


2011-2014: EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN (Initial Training Network).

Variability in Model Driven Engineering (VaryMDE)

2011-2015: Bilateral collaboration with Thales Research & Technology. Co-PI.

CIFRE Sodifrance

2010-2013: Bilateral collaboration (CIFRE) with the Sodifrance company. PI.

User-Centric Safe Adaption of Assisted Living Systems

2010: Scientific Project from University of Rennes 1. Co-PI.


See the list of all my publications on Google Scholar, DBLP, or my CV. You can also access all the preprints from HAL.

Major Recent Publications (selected):

Automatic generation of Truffle-based interpreters for Domain-Specific Languages. . In JOT (Special Issue ECMFA 2020), 2020. Preprint PDF
Behavioral Interfaces for Executable DSLs. . In SoSyM, 2020. Preprint PDF
Co-evolving code with evolving metamodels. . In ICSE (Technical paper), 2020. Preprint PDF
Comparing and classifying model transformation reuse approaches across metamodels. . In SoSyM, 2020. Preprint PDF
Loop Aggregation for Approximate Scientific Computing. . In ICCS, 2020. Preprint PDF
Modeling Languages in Industry 4.0: An Extended Systematic Mapping Study. . In SoSyM, 2020. Preprint PDF
Runtime Monitoring for Executable DSLs. . In JOT (Special Issue ECMFA 2020), 2020. Preprint PDF
The Software Language Extension Problem. . In SoSyM, 2020. Preprint PDF
Towards Model-Driven Sustainability Evaluation. . In CACM, 2020. Preprint PDF


Here is a list of my presentations (invited talks, seminars and keynotes). Most of the recent slide decks are available from my SlideShare account.


I am involving into the following software projects:

In the past, I involved in:

  • Topcased simulation tools
  • COQ4MDE, a formal metamodeling framework based on COQ


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