I am a PhD student in AI at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), Paul Sabatier University, funded by a LabEx CIMI fellowship since October 2016.

I am supervised by Emiliano Lorini (Directeur), Dominique Longin (Co-Directeur) and Umberto Grandi (Encadrant), within the LILaC research group. My research interests are in Logic and in Computational Social Choice --- in particular, Judgment Aggregation.

I graduated from the Master of Logic at the University of Amsterdam in September 2016, with a thesis on Judgment Aggregation in Dynamic Logic of Propositional Assignments, under the supervision of Umberto Grandi and Ulle Endriss.


Local organiser of ESSLLI 2017
Representative of LILaC PhD students
Co-organiser of e-Democracy reading group
Co-organiser of IRIT@UT1 seminar
TA for Informatique 2, L3 AES-GET.
University of Toulouse 1 Capitole.

F. Belardinelli, U. Grandi, A. Herzig, D. Longin, E. Lorini, A. Novaro, L. Perrussel. Relaxing Exclusive Control in Boolean Games. TARK-2017.

U. Grandi, E. Lorini, A. Novaro, L. Perrussel. Strategic Disclosure of Opinions on a Social Network. AAMAS-2017 {slides, poster, footnote}.


Local organiser of COMSOC-2016

A. Novaro. Judgment Aggregation in Dynamic Logic of Propositional Assignments. Master's Thesis, University of Amsterdam.

  • Workshop on Future Directions in Computational Social Choice (Budapest, November 2016) {poster}.
  • EXPLORE-2017 (São Paulo, May 2017) {slides}.

S. Botan, A. Novaro, U. Endriss. Group Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation. AAMAS-2016.

  • Pluridisciplinary Workshop in Game Theory (Toulouse, November 2015) {slides}.
  • COMSOC-2016 (Toulouse, June 2016) {poster}.


L. Biziou-van-Pol, J. Haenen, A. Novaro, A. Occhipinti Liberman, V. Capraro. Does Telling White Lies Signal Pro-Social Preferences? Judgment and Decision Making 10, 538-548.