I am a PhD student in AI at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT), Paul Sabatier University, funded by a LabEx CIMI fellowship since October 2016.

I am supervised by Emiliano Lorini (Directeur), Dominique Longin (Co-Directeur) and Umberto Grandi (Encadrant), within the LILaC research group. My research interests are in Logic and in Computational Social Choice --- in particular, Judgment Aggregation.

I graduated from the Master of Logic at the University of Amsterdam in September 2016, with a thesis on Judgment Aggregation in Dynamic Logic of Propositional Assignments, under the supervision of Umberto Grandi and Ulle Endriss.


Local organiser of ESSLLI 2017 (Social Media Manager)
Representative of LILaC PhD students
Co-organiser of e-Democracy reading group
Co-organiser of IRIT-UT1 seminar
TA for Informatique 2, L3 AES-GET.
University of Toulouse 1 Capitole.

F. Belardinelli, U. Grandi, A. Herzig, D. Longin, E. Lorini, A. Novaro, L. Perrussel. Relaxing Exclusive Control in Boolean Games. TARK-2017.

U. Grandi, E. Lorini, A. Novaro, L. Perrussel. Strategic Disclosure of Opinions on a Social Network. AAMAS-2017 {slides, poster, footnote}.


Local organiser of COMSOC-2016

A. Novaro. Judgment Aggregation in Dynamic Logic of Propositional Assignments. Master's Thesis, University of Amsterdam.

  • Workshop on Future Directions in Computational Social Choice (Budapest, November 2016) {poster}.
  • EXPLORE-2017 (São Paulo, May 2017) {slides}.

S. Botan, A. Novaro, U. Endriss. Group Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation. AAMAS-2016.

  • Pluridisciplinary Workshop in Game Theory (Toulouse, November 2015) {slides}.
  • COMSOC-2016 (Toulouse, June 2016) {poster}.


L. Biziou-van-Pol, J. Haenen, A. Novaro, A. Occhipinti Liberman, V. Capraro. Does Telling White Lies Signal Pro-Social Preferences? Judgment and Decision Making 10, 538-548.