La dynamique des croyances (The Dynamics of Belief)

Habilitation à diriger des recherches (Habilitation Thesis)

Herzig, Andreas

Contenu (Contents):

Synthèse des travaux (Summary)
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I. Raisonnement et incertitude (Reasoning and Uncertainty)
1. Ordering-based nonmonotonic reasoning.

II. Mise-à-jour (Updates)
2. Logics for belief base updating.

III. Actions (Actions)
3. Formalizing action and change in modal logic I: the frame problem.

IV. Fondements de la dépendance (Foundations of Dependence)
4. Belief change and dependence.

5. Qualitative relevance and independence: a roadmap.

V. Démonstration automatique (Automated Theorem Proving)
6. Modal tableaux with propagation rules and structural rules.


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