LILaC - paper abstract

A dynamic logic of normative systems

Herzig, Andreas and Lorini, Emiliano and Moisan, Frédéric and Troquard, Nicolas


We propose a logical framework to represent and reason about agent interactions in normative systems. Our starting point is a dynamic logic of propositional assignments whose satisfiability problem is PSPACE-complete. We show that it embeds Coalition Logic of Propositional Control CL-PC and that various notions of ability and capability can be captured in it. We finally show how the logic can be extended in order to represent constitutive rules which are also an essential component of the modelling of social reality.


The proceedings version contains a PSPACE complexity result both model checking and satisfiability for a language including the Kleene star. We later discovered that there was a mistake in the proof. The corrected version of the paper states PSPACE complexity for the language without the Kleene star.

PDF (complexity result corrected)

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Andreas Herzig, Emiliano Lorini, Nicolas Troquard. ``A dynamic logic of institutional actions''. Proc. CLIMA 2011 @ IJCAI 2011