Metatheory of actions: beyond consistency

Herzig, Andreas and Varzinczak, Ivan Josť




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  keywords = "RICL, kwACTION, kwMAIN,Reasoning about actions, action theory, modularity, ramifications",
  abstract = {Traditionally, consistency is the only criterion for the quality of a theory
              in logic-based approaches to reasoning about actions. This work goes beyond
              that and contributes to the metatheory of actions by investigating what other
              properties a good domain description should have. We state some metatheoretical
              postulates concerning this sore spot. When all postulates are satisfied we call
              the action theory modular. Besides being easier to understand and more
              elaboration tolerant in McCarthy's sense, modular theories have interesting
              properties. We point out the problems that arise when the postulates about
              modularity are violated, and propose algorithmic checks that can help the
              designer of an action theory to overcome them.},
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