BR&DL workshop @ ESSLLI


The workshop is part of ESSLLI and is open to all ESSLLI participants. Each session is from 17h00 to 18h30.

Monday 15 August
H. van Ditmarsch "Belief Revision and Dynamic Logic, an introduction"

Tuesday 16 August
B. Kooi (invited talk) "Epistemic change and factual change" (tentative title)
J. Cantwell "A model for updates in a multi-agent setting"

Wednesday 17 August
J. Gerbrandy "Communication Strategies in Games"
P. Economou "Sharing beliefs about actions: a parallel composition operator for epistemic programs"
G. Alberti "Belief description in (a) ReAL Interpretation System"

Thursday 18 August
R. Demolombe & P. Pozos Parra "Belief change in the situation calculus, a new proposal"
F. Roelofsen & Y. Wang "Distributed Knowledge via Bisimulation Contraction"
A. Baltag & M. Sadrzadeh "The Algebra of Multi-Agent Dynamic Belief Revision"

Friday 19 August
G. Aucher "How our beliefs contribute to interpret actions"
J. van Benthem & F. Liu "Dynamic logic of preference upgrade"
P. Girard "From Onions to Broccoli: Generalizing Lewis's counterfactual logic"