Worshop Program

August, 4-8, 2017

San Francisco, Bay Area

International Workshop on Smart and Sustainable City Workshop (WSSC 2017)
https://www.irit.fr/wssc2017/ in conjunction with IEEE Smart World Conference (IEEE SWC 2017),
August 4-8, 2017
Date: 8/4/2017
Workshop Program (Room: Balentine)

08:00am-05:30pm Registration

07:30am-08:45am Breakfast

08:45am-09:00am Workshop Opening Remarks

09:00am-10:30am Workshop Section #1 Room: Balentine
Session Chair: Nicolas Verstaevel
1 - Multidisciplinarity for biodiversity management on campus through citizen sciences Auhors: Bagnolini Guillaume, Da Costa George, Gerino Magali, Roth Mathias and Trân Cécile
2 - Distribution Networks as Complex Dynamic Systems New Perspective for Monitoring Them Authors: Alexandre Perles and Guy Camilleri
3 - Pohang Living Lab: Utilizing Modeling and Simulation as a Collaboration Method Authors: Changbeom Choi, Eun-Young Kim, Eun Ju Lee, Sang-Min Kim and Na-Gyum Lee

10:30am-11:00am Tea Break

11:00am-12:30pm Workshop Section #2 Room: Balentine
Session Chair: Alexandre Perles
4 - From Smart Campus to Smart Cities: Issues of the Smart Revolution Authors: Nicolas Verstaevel, Jérémy Boes and Marie-Pierre Gleizes
5 - Impact of eco-feedback on the behavior of campus users Authors: Paul Piché, Elhadi Belghache, Nicolas Verstaevel and Berangere Lartigue
6 - Adaptable equivalent circuit model for electrochemical storage elements as a part of energy system modeling for ZEB Authors: Kolja Neuhaus, Corinne Alonso and Pierre-Louis Taberna

12:30pm-01:30pm Lunch

01:30pm-03:00pm Workshop Section #3 Room: Balentine
Session Chair: Marie-Pierre Gleizes
7 - Testing and Evaluation of Dynamic Energy Simulations for the development of an Intelligent Management of Energy for the ADREAM Smart Building Authors:Ilias Papas, Bruno Estibals, Christelle Ecrepont and Corinne Alonsos
8 - Designing the engaging Energy-Box Bridging the gap between energy control systems and users' energy awareness Authors: Emmanuel Dubois and Fabio Pittarello