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Travel & Transport

Via Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Toulouse-Blagnac international airport is 10 km far from Toulouse city centre. The city centre is easily accessible by the airport shuttle service or by taxi.

Shuttle bus departures every 20 minutes between the airport and Toulouse, with four stops in the city centre: Compans Caffarelli, Place Jeanne d’Arc, Allées Jean-Jaurès, and the bus station terminus (next to Matabiau SNCF railway station).

  • Schuttle fares: 5 € One trip.
  • Taxi fares: around 25 €.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation Map


  • Line A of the [Basso Cambo - Balma Gramont] underground crosses Toulouse from south-west to north-east.
  • Line B [Borderouge – Ramonville] underground crosses Toulouse from north to south.

The underground operates from 5:15 am to midnight, Sunday to Thursday, and until 0:40 on Friday and Saturday.


Website of Tisseo (Toulouse public transport).