WCET'07 Workshop Program

08:30 Registration
09:30 Methods for WCET Computation (Chair: Guillem Bernat)
Measurements vs. Static Analysis?
S. M. Petters, P. Zadarnowski, G.Heiser

Automatic Amortised Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis
C. A. Herrmann, A. Bonenfant, K. Hammond, S. Jost, H.-W. Loidl, R. Pointon

Clustering Worst-Case Execution Times for Software Components
J. Fredriksson, T. Nolte, A. Ermedahl, M. Nolin

Tighter WCET Estimates by Procedure Cloning [SLIDES]
P. Lokuciejewski, H. Falk, M. Schwarzer, P. Marwedel

11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Low-level Analysis (Chair: Stefan Petters)
A Framework for Static Analysis of VHDL Code
M. Schlickling, M. Pister

Towards Symbolic State Traversal for Efficient WCET Analysis of Abstract Pipeline and Cache Models
S. Wilhelm, B. Wachter

12:15 System-level Analysis (Chair: Stephan Thesing)
Finding DU-Paths for Testing of Multi-Tasking Real-Time Systems using WCET Analysis
D. Sundmark, A. Pettersson, C. Sandberg, A. Ermedahl, H. Thane

Timing Analysis of Body Area Network Applications
Y. Liang, A. Roychoudhury, T. Mitra

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Flow Analysis (Chair: Raimund Kirner)
Data-Flow Based Detection of Loop Bounds [SLIDES]
C. Cullmann, F. Martin

Loop Bound Analysis based on a Combination of Program Slicing, Abstract Interpretation, and Invariant Analysis [SLIDES]
A. Ermedahl, C. Sandberg, J. Gustafsson, S. Bygde, B. Lisper

Analysing Switch-Case Tables by Partial Evaluation [SLIDES]
N. Holsti

Analysis of path exclusion at the machine code level [SLIDES]
I. Stein, F. Martin

16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Flow Analysis (cont'd) (Chair: Niklas Holsti)
WCET Analysis: The Annotation Language Challenge [SLIDES]
R. Kirner, J. Knoop, A. Prantl, M. Schordan, I. Wenzel

17:00 WCET Tool Challenge by Jan Gustafsson
Report from the WCET Tool Challenge 2006
Planning of the WCET Tool Challenge 2008