TOAST (Time-Oriented criticAl SysTems)

TOAST is a project partially funded by the (STAE Foundation). It aims at fueling the TORRENTS cluster’s thinking process.
It will provide guidelines to orchestrate the time-oriented approach on a given target architecture (a distributed system with a few computation nodes interconnected by a real-time bus), considering a test case application provided by Thales (Flight Management System). The goal is not to develop new hardware, software or tools but instead to investigate the feasibility of the general concepts. This case study will help in refining and enriching the time-oriented approach thanks to the identification of implementation difficulties found when considering our target architecture and application.

Partners: IRIT, ISAE, LAAS, ONERA, Thales
Project coordinator: Christine Rochange (IRIT)

The project includes three tasks:

  • Specification and programming languages. Task leader: Eric Noulard (ONERA)
  • Platforms: computation nodes architecture and runtime services (OS and middleware). Task leader: Philippe QuĂ©innec (IRIT)
  • Compilation and implementation. Task leader: Matthieu Roy (LAAS)




Claire Pagetti

2 avenue Edouard Belin
31055 Toulouse, France

claire dot pagetti at onera dot fr