Workshop on Trusted Computing and the Internet of Things

10 November 2022

Auditorium J.Herbrand, IRIT

Trusted computing aims to improve the security and reliability of computer systems as well as the protection of the privacy of their users. It consists of applying security policies at each stage of the design, development, testing and maintenance of software and hardware. In each of these steps, formal methods can be used to theoretically demonstrate security aspects and thereby improve the trust in the system. With the development of information technology and the continuous emergence of new application scenarios, the threats are constantly evolving. Trusted computing is therefore the subject of much academic and industrial research.

It is in this context that the TcIoT project fits and more particularly to the application of trusted computing in the IoT. The objective of the workshop is therefore to present recent contributions in this field and to give participants the opportunity to discuss important topics, challenges, and perspectives in this field.