Séminaire de Peter GARDENFORS à l’IRIT

Peter_GARDENFORS.jpgPeter GARDENFORS, professeur en Sciences Cognitives à l’Université de Lund et membre de l’Académie royale suédoise des Lettres, Histoire et Antiquités, est invité à l’IRIT.

Il fera un exposé le lundi 7 avril à 14 h, à l’auditorium Jacques Herbrand intitulé :
The Geometry of Meaning: Semantics Based on Conceptual Spaces

Abstract :
In logic most information is carried by predicates, but in natural language predicates correspond to several word classes – nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, etc. I shall argue that there are cognitive and communicative reasons why natural languages have word classes. I shall do this by presenting models of the semantics of the main word class in terms of conceptual spaces. A consequence is that one obtains a partial explanation of how children can learn the meanings of words so quickly as they do.

Short biography :
Peter Gardenfors has published more than 250 articles in various journals and books. The journals are within philosophy, cognitive science, logic, artificial intelligence, economics, management science, linguistics, psychology, sociology and biology. He is one of the authors of the famed AGM approach to belief revision and works now on distributional semantics.