SDL 2011
15th International Conference on
System Design Languages

July 5th - 7th, 2011, Toulouse, France

The aim of the forum is to anticipate and influence the future trends and to focus on issues that are important to its expected delegates. Authors are therefore invited to submit papers on topics related to System Design Languages including the following non-exclusive list of topics:

  • System engineering models: semantics of system models, refinement of system designs into hardware/software implementations, integration of system and software design models, non-functional aspects (such as performance, quality of service, real-time aspects, security, etc.) in system models;
  • Model-driven development: analysis and transformation of models, reuse approaches, verification and validation of models, systematic testing based on and applied to models;
  • Industrial application reports: industrial usage and experience reports, applying methods, tool engineering and frameworks, domain-specific applicability (such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunication, control, networking);
  • Evolution of development tools and languages: domain-specific profiles and extensions, modular language design, semantics and evaluation, methodology for application, standardization activities;
  • Modeling in multi-core and parallel applications: experience reports, overview of modelling approaches targeting specifically multi-core and parallel architectures, the use of modelling in high-performance computing, etc.
  • Education and Promotion of System Design Languages: Teaching design languages, methodology for the use of design languages, etc.

Papers with an industry perspective are particularly encouraged. An important aspect for such papers is the effectiveness of the languages, tools and methods used, particularly if measurements can be quoted and/or there is a comparison with previous similar work. If measurements are not available, another factor is what features (or lack of features) of languages, tools or methods produce a significant benefit (or difficulty). A paper that mainly describes the design or development of a product is unlikely to be accepted, unless the application is a new and interesting domain for the use of the languages or tools or methods. The Programme Committee therefore strongly suggests that the authors of application papers submit an abstract in advance of the submission deadline, so that feedback can be provided, which may include suggesting collaborative authors to make the paper more useful to others.

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