SDL 2011
15th International Conference on
System Design Languages

July 5th - 7th, 2011, Toulouse, France

Accepted papers

Saoussen Anssi, Sébastien Gérard, Stefan Kuntz and François Terrier. AUTOSAR vs. MARTE for Enabling Timing Analysis of Automotive Applications

Surya Bahadur Kathayat, Hien Nam Le and Rolv Braek. A Model-Driven Framework for Component-based Development

Sergey Baranov, Vsevolod Kotlyarov and Thomas Weigert. Test Automation with Verifiable Coverage Criteria

Dennis Christmann, Philipp Becker and Reinhard Gotzhein. Priority Scheduling in SDL

Thomas Cottenier, Aswin van den Berg and Thomas Weigert. Separation of Concerns with Transactional Regions

Urooj Fatima, Rolv Braek and Humberto N. Castejón. Session Initiation as a Service

Franck Fleurey, Øystein Haugen, Birger Møller-Pedersen, Andreas Svendsen and Xiaorui Zhang. Standardizing Variability - Challenges and Solutions

Jameleddine Hassine and Abdelouahed Gherbi. Exploring Early Availability Requirements using Use Case Maps

Alexander Kraas. A Model-based Formalization of the Textual Notation for SDL-UML

Marc Krämer, Tobias Braun, Dennis Christmann and Reinhard Gotzhein. Real-time Signaling in SDL

Mohamed Mussa and Ferhat Khendek. Towards a Model Based Approach for Integration Testing

Didier Nassiet, Yohan Livet, Marc Palyart and David Lugato. Paprika: Rapid UI Development of Scientific Dataset Editors for High Performance Computing

Marc Palyart, David Lugato, Ileana Ober and Jean-Michel Bruel. MDE4HPC: An approach for Using Model-Driven Engineering in High-Performance Computing

Selo Sulistyo and Andreas Prinz. PMG-pro: A Model-driven Development Method of Service-based Applications

Andreas Svendsen, Øystein Haugen and Birger Møller-Pedersen. Synthesizing Software Models: Generating Train Station Models Automatically

Antal Wu-Hen-Chang, Gusztav Adamis, Levente Eros, Gabor Kovacs and Tibor Csondes. A new approach in model-based testing: Designing test models in TTCN-3

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