Main research topics

Including, but not restricted to:

  • Point-based shape analysis:
    • Growing Least Squares analysis: porting some ideas from the Scale-Space theory to unstructured point-cloud analysis,
    • RAPter: A robust reconstruction techniques finding planes and their relations in complex point clouds.
  • Point-cloud registration:
    • Super4PCS: A fast and efficient algorithm for descriptor-free global point-cloud registration,
    • Relative scale estimation for multi-modal 3d geometry registration.
  • Rendering and color:

Open calls

Feel free to contact me if you are interested by internships, fellowships or visit in our team. This pages details additional fundings opportunities and calls.
Topics can be (but are not limited to) shape and pattern analysis, registration, shape matching, geometry processing.

Current opportunities

Nothing specific by now, ping me if you want to join us !

Funded projects


  • 3d-scan processing with Airbus IDLab (Toulouse)
  • …. [many other amazing stuff coming] ….