INGPRO: impact of gestures on the pronunciation of foreign language learners

Main issues and objectives


This issue of the association of gesture and speech in a second language learning situation (L2) emerged from a workshop organized by the project partners  involved at different levels in L2 learning. Starting from a first reflection on the technical possibilities of combining gesture production and learning, several international experts in the field of (1) gesture analysis, (2) language acquisition, (3) link between didactic and digital processing have been invited to take part in this workshop. The company Archean Technologies, involved in language learning software was also asked to participate in the discussion which highlighted an important scientific and technical issue: "What do we know about the role of gesture in acquiring the pronunciation of a foreign language? How can we study and measure this correlation? ". That is how the idea of INGPRO project emerged.

This projects aims at proposing a methodology that can answer these questions, validate the underlying assumptions and integrate the software functionalities into an experimental platform in order to carry out a set of tests for a wide audience of learners. During this two-year project we will demonstrate the feasibility of our innovative proposal.

SAMoVA's contribution

Our team is mainly involved in the study of speech and gesture coordination. We will rely on a priliminary study carried out by the Octogone laboratory regarding the gestures performed by teachers. The objective of this study is to produce a typology and a characterization of the gestures used for pronunciation correction.


People involved in the SAMOVA team


  • OCCITANIE Regional Council - 2018


  • Start time: 1st January 2019
  • End time: 31st December 2021