• Jan 2nd: ALAIA, 3-year ANR project of common laboratory between IRIT-SAMoVA and Archean Technologies has been accepted and will start on March 1st


  • Oct 23th - LinTo project : Plenary meeting in Toulouse
  • Oct 19th - INGPRO, a 2-year project from the Occitanie region has been accepted and will focus on the Impact of Gestures on Pronunciation 
  • Oct 4th - 2018 AIRBUS Air Traffic Control Challenge Workshop
  • Oct 1st - Start of the JCJC project LUDAU: Lightly-supervised and Unsupervised Discovery of Audio Units
    using Deep Learning, duration: 42 months
  • Sep 24th-26th : H2020 TAPAS project first training event in Eindhoven
  • Sep 24th - Paper accepted at the International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling
  • Sep 24th - Jim Petiot has been recruted for a 3-month contract 
  • Sep 14th - Paper accepted at the DCASE-18 workshop, challenge results published 
  • Sep 5th- Presentation of I.Laaridh at Interspeech 2018 in Hyderabad, India about automatic intellegibility evaluation on speech simulating  noise introduced hearing loss
  • Jul 19th-20th - Participation of the first Hackathon at Bochum, Germany within the VICTORIA project
  • Jun 25th-26th : SAMoVERT : a 2-day seminar for all SAMoVA team members  
  • Jun 13rd : LinTo project : Kick-Off meeting with all partners (LINAGORA, ZELROS, LAAS, IRIT, LIX)
  • Jun 4th-8th : SAMoVA attended the JEP Conference in Aix-en-Provence
  • May 30th-31th - VICTORIA advisory board meeting at IRIT 
  • Apr 1st-9th - New interns joined us : Ali Abbas, Master 2 student from the Lebanese University (co-supervised by Zein Ibrahim from Lebanon and Sandrine Mouysset from APO team), Jim Petiot from UPS-master 2 IARF (co-supervised with Tim Van de Cruys from MELODI team), Thomas Rolland from UPS-master 2 IARF (co-supervised with Adrian Basarab from MINDS team), Yassir Bouiry from INSA-Lyon (co-supervised with the WISHI start-up)
  • Apr 1st - Start of LinTo, a 3-year project funded by BPI France - IRIT (SAMoVA & MELODI) will work on this open source professional assistant supervised by the LINAGORA company
  • Mar 8th - Organization of the international workshop on Automatic Speech Processing and Resources for 'Second spoken language' didactics
  • Jan 17th - Arrival of Patrice Guyot, postdoc on the VICTORIA project


  • Dec 20th - François-Xavier Decroix defended his PhD on "Learning audiovisual signatures online for person recognition and tracking within an ambient sensor network."
  • Dec 5th - Presentation of E. Sicard at 17eme Rencontres internationales d’orthophonie, Paris about the evaluation of pathological voice before/after speech therapy
  • Dec 1st- Arrival of Imed LAARIDH, postdoc on the PHONICS project
  • Dec 1st - Exploration de DNN pour des tâches d'analyse de sons, seminar by T. Pellegrini at IRCAM, Paris
  • Nov 30 - Dec 1st - Kick-Off meeting of the H2020 TAPAS Project
  • Nov 22nd - Participation to Journée Institut Carnot to present SAMoVA's research activities
  • Nov 20th - C2SI progress meeting
  • Nov 1st - New PhD student : Estelle Randria has joined the team to work on conversational interaction and audiovisual content structuring (with Archean Labs CIFRE PhD)
  • Oct 23rd-27th - Céline Manenti and Abdel Heba presented their work on the unsupervised discovery of speech units and lexical emphasis detection in speech at SLSP'17, Le Mans
  • Oct 19th - Deep Learning @ SAMoVA, seminar by T. Pellegrini organized by the AOC team at IRIT
  • Oct 4th - Organization of the international workshop "Language Didactics, Gestures & CALL"
  • Oct 1st - New PhD students : Benjamin Chamand and Nicolas Dauban have joined the team, to work respectively on neural networks and audio video consistancy and on musical recommandation. 
  • Sept 1st - Arrival of Oriol Pont that received a research fellow grant for 2 years from the CIMI Labex