About Petshop

Petshop environnement is a CASE tools developed by ICS team at University Toulouse 3. Petshop support the edition, execution and verification of ICO Models

Version 2.0 of petshop is a migration of the version 1.0 to NetBeans Platform to allow better communication with Hamsters our Task Modelling tools. As version 2.0 is currently under design and cannot be downloaded now.

  • Graph edition: netbeans visual api

  • IDL: java (with restrictions)

Version 1.0 of petshop is a Swing application who the lastest downloadable petshop is available.

  • Graph edition: jgraph

  • IDL: java (with restrictions)

Version 0.0 of petshop is a Swing application

  • Graph edition: ILOG Jviews

  • IDL: Corba