The chapter associated to the tutorial that was made at IHC 2015 is available here.

A new version of HAMSTERS is available. It contains new features that have been developped according to the work presented in the following published articles:

  • Rapid Task-Models Development Using Sub-models, Sub-routines and Generic Components. Peter Forbrig, Célia Martinie, Philippe A. Palanque, Marco Winckler, Racim Fahssi. IFIP TC13 HCSE 2014.
  • Multi-Models-Based Engineering of Collaborative Systems: Application to Collision Avoidance Operations for Spacecrafts. Célia Martinie, Eric Barboni, David Navarre, Philippe Palanque, Racim Fahssi, Erwann Poupart, Eliane Cubero-Castan. ACM SIG CHI EICS2014

Please contact us (hamsters[at]irit[dot]fr) to get this new version.

This requires (JDK 8) installed on your computer .

First steps:

  • Select File / New Project, this will create a project folder to store your task models.
  • To create a new task model, select File / New File or right click on a project. Then select Hamsters and empty Hamster file.