WebAUDIT - Assisted User interface Design of Interactive Teleprocedures on the Web

2005-03-01 to 2008-03-01

This project is concerned by models and techniques supporting the development of teleprocedures with usability. The term teleprocedure is used here to identify an administrative procedure which can be implemented by the means of electronic forms over the Web, following a well-defined workflow process supporting the communication between administrations, organizations, citizens and enterprises. Teleprocedure are complex applications which must ensure the security of information exchange (e.g. authentication of users, date and time, secure transfer of data, etc.), provide an efficient notification system helping all users (i.e. citizens and organizations) to monitor the progress of the process, provide flexible support to complex business rules (which might change according new regulations and laws), support data exchange among several databases and legacy systems, and last (but not least) be accessible and usable for a large public of users. The goal of this project is twofold:

  • To develop models, methods and techniques to support the specification of teleprocedures. Our aim is to describe a model-based development process which can ensure the non-ambiguous description of requirements driving to safe and feasible implementations.
  • To develop methods and tools to help end-users to dealt with usable teleprocedures. This aspect must covers the most basic user activities, such as filling-in the forms, as well to guide users throughout the process helping them to monitor the process and to follow-up the inner workflow process. The development of such as a guiding method is also concerned by people with disabilities.

Application domains: Web

Scientific areas: HCI

They work on this project

  • Marco Winckler

    Associated Professor